Fallin' in Love With Waffle Love

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hunter and I basically had our whole lives planned out by the time we were 15 and 16 years old.
We would get married, move to Provo Ut. where Hunter would go to BYU (probably play football), and we would start a little family there.
After life in Provo, we would move back to San Diego for the rest of our lives to be surrounded by family.
I'm pretty happy to say that all of that has so far come true ;)

Before getting married I used to fantasize about our young married life in Provo, dream up fun date nights, and how I would decorate our little home.
I began to follow different Provo clothing stores and food places on instagram just so I was ready once we got there ;)
Provo is seriously THE best place to find the best, and most unique shops and food joints.
One day, upon my research of good 'ol Provo, I came across and instagram account called Waffle Love.
I probably spent a good 30 minutes on their page just eyeing every single waffle.
It looked amazing and my mouth was already salivating.
I made it a goal for Hunter and I to go to Waffle Love once we got married.

I remember the day we first came into this little condo as husband and wife so clearly.
Hunter carried me across the threshold and we were giddy beyond belief.
Hunter was on the BYU football team at the time and was in the midst of Spring ball and the middle of a semester.
He was gone all day every day and took our only car with him. (because it was stick shift and I hated driving it)
Therefore, I did a ton of walking and exploring our surroundings!
One day, as I was walking, I noticed a cute little shop with the brightest walls.
I was thrilled to find out it was waffle love!
It was literally right down the street!

Hunter and I went pretty quickly after that discovery and could not believe our taste buds.
I wish I would have recorded how quickly Hunter downed that waffle and the adorable smile on his face after the first bite!
Since then, we have literally taken every single person that has come to visit us, because it really is that good! And of course, they all agree!
I got Hunter a gift card to Waffle Love for Father's Day and I don't think I've ever seen him so happy about a present!
We literally went the next day!

Because my whole family loves Waffle Love SO much and we guarantee that you all will too, we have been working on a secret little collaboration with them to bring to all of you that I am SO excited about!
I've been working on a Men's Holiday Gift Guide that will be coming out very shortly with a giveaway to follow and Waffle Love is being featured on that gift guide because seriously, your husband will be SO thankful to have a gift card to the best waffle shop around!
However, Waffle Love deserves it's own post and giveaway because I just can't tell you all enough how amazing this place is, so the winner will have to find out for themselves!

Waffle Love is giving away TWO $25 gift certificates to two lucky winners!
All you have to do to enter is head over to my instagram and follow the steps listed!
You do not want to miss out on this giveaway!
Especially because it will make the perfect gift for any family member, friend, spouse, or boss!

Want to know our favorites?
Hunter: Biscoff and Cream (he could literally eat an entire jar of biscoff!)
Aleigh: Nutella love, and a specialty a co-worker once recommended! Ask for a churro waffle, biscoff, cream cheese icing, and cream on top!

Head on over to Waffle Love today to send your taste buds to heaven and experience the cutest restaurant you have ever seen with the most cheerful and helpful employees!
And afterwards, let me know you went and leave me a comment with what you tried!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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