A Look Back On 2014

Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 was hands down, the best year of my existence.
It started amazing and ended perfectly. 
2015 has some huge shoes to fill... or maybe little shoes. Little baby shoes!
I swear that every single month brought something to look forward to.
I spent all of 2012 and 2013 just waiting to see how 2014 would unravel,
I must say, it was even better than I could have hoped for.

Hunter came home from his mission, a trip to Utah, ENGAGED, bought a wedding dress, wedding plans in full swing.

More wedding planning, went through the temple for the first time, Bridal showers

MARRIED, spring ball, moved to Utah, BYU football banquet

General Conference, Spring game, a visit from the Moores, Easter, a new job

A trip to St. George, My 20th birthday, began trying for our little girl, spoke in Stake conference

PREGNANT, seven peaks, a trip back home to San Diego

Belated honeymoon cruise, the 4th of July with family, told family about our little one, Utah summer festivals

Learned to drive stick shift, Hunter's first fall camp, a new semester, football season, first doctors appointment, heard our tiny baby's heartbeat

First ultrasound, It's a girl! Visits from friends, spoke in our first fireside together

Halloween, Second ultrasound, A REAL fall

My parents come to Utah, Hunter played quarterback in his first BYU football game! The first snow, Thanksgiving, Started my photography business

A trip to Miami for our first bowl game, a trip back home to San Diego, Christmas, My baby shower, time spent with family

It truly was an incredible year.
I look back and cannot believe all we did and accomplished in one year's time.
My life changed drastically over the course of just one year, and I could not be happier about it.
So thank you 2014 for all the amazing memories, the lessons I've learned, the way I grew, and the happiness you brought.
Cheers to a new year!

Also, Hunter and I wrote down our resolutions last night for family night.
We decided to make some both together and separately.
Hunter taught me that setting a few realistic goals is much better than listing a million goals that really are not attainable.
So, we set about 4 on our own and 4 together.
Bring it on 2015! ;)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

p.s. I still cannot believe I'm having a baby this year!

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