ohhh cravings

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
You know that beloved first trimester of pregnancy when (well for me) NOTHING sounds good except for the food you don't have to make? (aka eating out) Well, and sometimes that doesn't even do it...

I'm currently eating strawberry flavored eggo waffles with tons of butter and syrup.
Because today, they sounded good. But tomorrow, they probably won't.
Grocery shopping is a struggle these days.

Here's a few of the random staples that got me through the first trimester:
lean pockets. the breakfast ones.
smoothies. preferably the tart ones.
(it sure is a bummer I'm not working at jamba anymore)
the tri tip steak salad at cubbys. now I want one.
crystal light. The pomegranate lemonade kind. turns out it actually has aspartame in it. ugh!
Fruit, fruit, and more fruit!
re-fried beans and rice. not from a can, but from a Mexican restaurant. 
pickles. only if they're dill and a little spicy. Like I drank the juice the other day... woah.
Popscicles! especially lime ones. That actually taste like lime. Not the dumb "artificially flavored" kinda-tastes-like-lime ones. 
can't forget ice cold water. But, I prefer pebble ice.
Scrambled eggs, hash browns, and bacon bits all mixed together in a bowl with cheese and salt. 
Mac N Cheese. But not the boring regular noodles. The shapes. 
Yellow Gatorade. I dunno, it's good.
Orange juice! They say your body craves what it needs. apparently I need folic acid. 
I promise I'm not high maintenance...

So far, the second trimester hasn't been too much different.
Although, I am noticing that I have an appetite more frequently so that's good!
And, I feel like my pallet is getting slightly bigger. 
It's funny, I haven't thrown up once... and really it's been a pretty easy pregnancy for the most part.
But heartburn, that's a mood killer.
And it happens often.
But I'm not complaining.
Because this little human inside of me is everything I've ever dreamed of.
So here's to the second trimester!
And tums, thank goodness for tums.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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  1. OKAY. I could have written most of this. when I was pregnant I loved crystal light, water just didnt cut it. and I used to drive through sonic and order a large cup of JUST ICE. also, theres a mexican restaurant on state street called Mi Ranchito that has good beans, and really good chicken burritos :)