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Monday, August 25, 2014
If I had hundreds of dollars to spend on fall decorations, I would spend it all in a heartbeat.

I bought maternity pants the other day. They were pricey. But SO worth it! They are heavenly. Like, I don't know why non-pregnant people don't wear them on a daily basis.

I also found a maternity raincoat at H&M for $5. Score.

We can find out the gender of this little one inside me in just one week. I can't believe it! However, we'll see if we really can. Hunt's football schedule is kinda getting in the way.

Speaking of our little bug, he/she is the size of a naval orange. Aww our little naval orange :)

Also, I'm kinda starting to see a little something. Well, mostly after I eat.

The Swiffer sweep and trap is reallllllyyyy great. I never wanna use a broom again. I'm loving that these Target gift cards from our wedding are still existent.

Fall camp is over! Football season is here! I got to go on TWO dates with my husband this past weekend. TWO! That's really an amazing thing considering we hadn't been on one in what felt like forever due to Fall camp.

We did our first fireside last night together. I love the youth. Probably cause I still feel like I am one.

Apparently an epidemic of hand foot and mouth has broken out in Utah County. And I work at a daycare. You better believe I've been washing my hands like a crazy woman.

I think that's all for now.
Time to go pick up the husband from his evening lift.
Ps: He still eats more than I can keep up with

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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