I'm Going There Someday

Saturday, August 31, 2013
"As a result of the sacred ordinances performed in the holy house of God, no light need be permanently extinguished, no voice permanently stilled, no place in our heart permanently left vacant."
—Thomas S. Monson

Sometimes life gets to be a little more than we can take on.
Sometimes stress and change create uneasiness.
The Lord has promised us that he will bear all of our burdens.
We can't always do it alone, we need to allow him to help us along. 
I feel so close to my Savior as I enter the temple.
I know I am doing the Lord's work. 
I had the most fabulous Friday.
It started off by doing baptisms. It was so peaceful going by myself.
August has been an interesting month I guess you could say... but the second I walked into the temple I had the most comforting feeling.
 I felt at home.
When I walked in to 2 men and one woman dressed in all white I seriously thought I was going to start crying. The temple is heaven on earth.
 Then I spoke with the missionaries, and then I remembered a request to make a video of the San Diego Temple grounds.
So, I did just that :)
I love the temple and I love the peace and joy it brings me.
I felt so incredibly happy all day long on Friday.
I really love my church :)
By the way, this video explains that all Latter Day Saints feel the same way :)

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