A Belated Birthday Post

Monday, August 5, 2013
My father had a birthday on Saturday!
I still can't seem to grasp that I'm getting older, let alone my dad who has always been the playful, exciting dad that rides roller coasters, climbs mountains, and snowboards. 
I wrote in my dad's card that I don't think I will ever grow tired of bragging about how I have one of the coolest dads that ever existed. 
I know that every child feels this way, but don't burst my bubble because I really truly believe it :)
There is so much to love about my dad...
Like the fact that he will stay up all night watching the Discovery Channel because he has some strange fascination with animals hahaha. 
Or that he adores watching cooking shows and pretends he is Emeril when he does cook. Oh, and might I add that everything he creates is SO good!
He also seeks out an adventure. That is something I will cherish from my childhood and all of growing up. The cool vacations he took the whole family on are endless and the exciting places we were able to visit were all because he had a vision of having our entire family there with him. 
He is crazy about cycling. We went to Europe for a month twice during the month of July so that he could follow the Tour De France. Haha he was like a kid in a candy store watching all the bikes ride by.
He is a crazy hard worker. He started working at REI fresh out of high school when he was all on his own. He worked his way up in the company staying loyal and true the entire time. He is truly amazing.

I cherish my dad and the amazing relationship we have.
We have such a special bond that will never be replaced. 
He melts my heart when he calls me his little doll and walks me out to my car as I leave.
I have a mushy spot in my heart for him and I always will.
I'm a daddy's girl beyond belief and I love my dad more than I thought possible. 
Thank you dad for being the amazing man you are but even more importantly, thank you for being the best father this little girl could ever ask for :)

I forgot to bring my nice camera (which is so not normal I don't know what was wrong with me) so you are going to have to endure the iphone pics :)

Still keeping up with his daughters? haha

Don't worry, they don't just do this haha they were making fun of me :)

Side story... The oven decided to freak out on us and turn to broil instead of just baking the cake. Therefore it caught on fire and there was smoke everywhere. So, I created a different version of pineapple upside down cake haha.

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