I scored big time.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Elder Moore has about 4 month left. 
Well who actually really knows how long he has left...
I don't.
I sure can't wait until we finally know a release date. 
Anyhow, he doesn't have very much time left.
That being said I decided I wanted to send a package for just about every reason my little mind can think up. 
Because well, he deserves it :)
Football season, as I have mentioned quite a few times before, has always been quite an exciting time in our relationship. 
He played football in high school, I was a cheerleader.
Whenever this time of year comes around we both get so excited and a rush of memories quickly come back to us. 
Hunter is really quite an amazing athlete. Football being his specialty.
We have hopes and dreams of seeing him in a cougar uniform playing in LaVell Edwards Stadium. 
The odds are looking to be in our favor :)
So, here's to football season!
The best season. 

I'm running out of cheesy sayings.
Side story: Sunflower seeds will always remind me of Hunter and Friday game days. Back in the day he used to always wait for me to get out of class. I don't have any idea how he was always the first one out, but he always managed to be there waiting for me. On Fridays I would see him standing there with his game day jersey on with one hand on his hip and the other on his backpack strap pretending to stare off in the distance. Ohh Hunter. I would play along and prance over in my little cheer uniform with my pony tail swaying from side to side. He would look at me and say in that tough guy voice: "sup baby girl" with one cheek stuffed with sunflower seeds. He would then wrap his arm around me and we would walk away together giggling. Oh game days... I sure do miss them :)


If you know Hunter's family at all, you would know they are die hard Raiders fans.
Yes, Raiders fans.
A sweet, Mormon, practically perfect family of Raider's fans.
I love it. 

A Nike sweatshirt and this year's BYU game day shirt :) 

All things spiritual.
The stripling warriors thing is a temple recommend holder.
The standard of truth is quite incredible.
And the two talks can be found here and here

The Miscellaneous fillers.
The notepad had some cool encouraging quote on it.
A hacky sack.
That card is the best. "Who's counting?" Me! I Am!
Pictures in my matching BYU shirt and the shirt he gave me for my birthday :)

All put together :)

And of course, the decorated flaps :)

And there you have it!
This package is currently on its way to Ohio for my sweet Hunter :)
Feel free to use any of the ideas you please!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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