We love you mom!

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Figuring out what to get a mother for her birthday can be hard at times.
There are only so many candles and and necklaces you can give.
A sweet and heartfelt card is sentimental, but that happens every year too.

This year, sometime back in the beginning of March I started the process of thinking about what I should get my mom.
i think way ahead.
Nothing was coming to me.
Then... I went over to my parents house and found the only "recent" picture of us 3 kids on a table.
It was from when I was in middle school.
We clearly needed an update.
When my sister came home a million different ideas came to me.
They thought I was crazy when I told them my envision... but hey I think they turned out pretty good!
We didn't use some big photographer, we didn't buy any new outfits.
We used an old quilt to lay on, we went to a nearby field with a beautiful tree I run past almost every day, the pictures were printed by costco, we picked out things in our closets we thought would go best together, and we used a tripod.
Yep, I ran over to the tripod and pressed the button with every picture we took :)
I found a collage frame at target and put our individuals in it with the "we love you mom" picture. 
Then I found another cute frame for a 5x7 of us 3 together.
She loved it!
Sentimental gifts are the way to go :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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