Friday, April 12, 2013
This picture, was indeed spring inspired. 
Fifteen months.
Somehow, after the year mark passes, every single month seems to be monumental.
This one is quite a big deal if you ask me.
Elder Moore being gone for 15 months today, means that we are out of the double digits! (as far as months go)
We now only have nine months left.
Nine months!
Cue freak out  number 15.
No but really. I'm kinda going crazy over here.

Wanna know something?
The first year I could not wait to get to the second year.
Now I'm here and I'm gonna have a panic attack.
Don't get me wrong, I can't wait for him to come home!
I'm just... nervous.

Wanna know something else?
I can't believe how much I love him.
I can't believe how often I think about him.
Loving this boy seriously comes way too easy to me.
It has never been hard, it came so naturally and it felt so right. 
I continually wonder how my heart somehow finds room to love him even more than the day before. 

Hunter is loving his mission.
I am loving him through it.
He is so happy, he loves everything about his mission.
I think if it were up to him, he would stay there forever.
That is, if I could join him in 9 months ;)
haha I'm so not kidding

So, I'm going to be honest here for a sec, I'm tired and I have to be awake in a matter of hours for a dang work meeting... lame.
Sooo I think I'm gonna cut story time a little short today.
That just makes the anticipation for next month that much better right??
ha I'm killing myself with thinking you all really wanna read this.

Okay so we left off here meaning I should probably start with March.
March of my freshman year was not my fav, but it's cool it gets better.
After finally seeing that this "other" girl existed I took it upon myself to become more involved in Hunter's life. If that was even possible... (Are you starting to catch on that I was obsessed like way early on?) I started asking him about things he likes thinking it would make him wanna talk more. I started waiting longer to text back to make him anticipate the next reply. I even, wait for it, curled my hair!! That's right my friends, I didn't begin to curly my hair (presentably) until freshman year! Anyhow, all my little tricks seemed to work and somehow we began talking more, hanging out more, and others started to pick up on this. I had a friend, a guy friend that continued to ask me what my "relationship status" was with Hunter almost every day. He was always so disappointed when I would let him know it was the same as the day before. We would joke around about how he is the missing puzzle piece in my life and with him it would be complete. (ha cheesy I know. That must have been the start of all the cheesy things I still do!)  So towards the end of March, beginning of April I recall a conversation that took place very late at night that was monumental. You see, we used to stay up wayy past our bedtime texting practically all night which was so stupid because we would see each other the next morning at school... Somehow I was always the one that fell asleep even though he was the one that had to wake up at the crack of dawn and played football and basketball. Anyhow, this one night after talking about happy things he said this: "Aleigh Joy, you really are my best friend. You make me so happy." My heart fluttered and my lashes batted. My heart was beating 20 times faster and my cheeks were, I'm sure the color of vine ripe tomatoes. I was so happy, I felt on top of the world. Some of you may be thinking that I was now in the "friend zone" but let me tell you a little something... There is absolutely no way that a boy and a girl can remain just best friends for very long. An attraction of some sorts will stand in the way no matter what if you are spending enough time with each other. That is my opinion, but I also believe it is the stone cold truth. So this conversation lead to a nickname that 2 of our friends gave us that I had a love hate relationship with. (the nickname, not the friends) "Just Besties" mmhhmm thatt was it. I promise you that if you brought that little term up to Hunter a thousand and a half memories would flood his mind and he would giggle and smile. If we were together we would squeeze each others hands 3 times and stare at each other with big smiles as we reminisced on the good 'ol days. I'm sure that by now you are confused and not much is making sense, but I promise you it will make much more sense when I get to the summer months. Just know, that this best friendship, needed to happen and because of it we are still very best friends today. That's right, I am in love with my best friend in the entire world, and oh! Just the very thought of him drives me mad :)
To be continued...

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. Yay for being an MG!!! LOVE this story. Love your blog. New follower!!

  2. Hey now I read your blog practically every day Aleigh!(: you aren't fulling yourself! But wanna know what's sad? I leave on my mission in less than two months and I will never hear the end of yours and Hunters story! So maaaaybe you should write me once he comes home and tell me about your happily ever after. Because I'm dying to hear!

  3. So exciting! My guy hits the 6 month mark in a couple days and I am just beside myself with excitement! Happy happy!