Another month out the door.

Monday, March 11, 2013

And yet another month is crossed off!! 
Hello month Fourteen!!
You realllyyy snuck up on me.
TEN months left? Yeah, I can do that.
Does anyone else feel like I JUST wrote the thirteenth month post?
I know that I sure do.
In fact I woke up this morning kinda like wait, maybe I need to stop wishing time would go by so fast.
Wanna know the secret?
Keep yourself busy, and I mean REALLY busy!
The other day I was thinking about Christmas time and all of a sudden I was like wait, Hunter comes home THIS winter.
My normal amount of Christmas and winter spirit is off the charts, just imagine next year!
I really need to start working out, I'm sure he doesn't wanna come home to a blimp.
Actually, I don't want him to come home to a blimp, he's been gone too long to even notice. 
Anyhow, he is doing beyond amazing.
Even the mention of the "H word" (home) scares him.
I'm running out of baptism stickers for his called to serve chart, he's just too good at this :)
His testimony is so powerful and he is thrilled to share it with everyone. 
I am so proud of that sweet boy.
Elder Moore, here's to another month closer to being reunited! :)

Alrighty ready for the moment we have all been waiting for?
Ha, yeah right...

Oh right, the whole marriage topic was awkwardly brought up and planted into my brain for good. Okay so that actually didn't finish up 2008. Sorry, I lied. Unintentionally I promise. So football season is now over, but lucky for me basketball season picks right up! The texting still continues, and now becomes quite frequent. He left for a basketball tournament and I made sure to text him every second because "I just needed to know the scores of the games." Haha, I was so good at manipulating my way in to his life its kinda crazy. So the norm continues and then one night before bed he says "Goodnight, I can't wait to see you when I get home!" Woah, hold the phone. That is more than just best friend status right there, it has to have meant he loved me, right? I'm almost positive I locked that message on my phone and looked at it every 30 seconds trying my hardest not to seem too giddy. So I was basically on top of the world and now felt totally comfortable texting him whenever because he obviously wanted me right? Oh so young, so naive. So winter break comes and goes and I'm pretty sure I didn't see much of him. Other than the occasional basketball games. Then school starts up again and I basically flew onto campus I was so happy. Things were still the same between us, nothing serious but enough to make my heart race every time I was in his presence. I continued to decorate his locker, bake him treats, and leave little love notes inside his locker. I noticed us getting closer and a real relationship starting to develop. We had more in common and we found way more things to talk about. It felt so much more natural and I could tell we were both feeling so much more comfortable around each other. One day before class he handed me and my best friend an invitation to his birthday party! I was so excited to finally go over to his house and meet some of his family! That same day one of his football buddies came to talk to me at lunch. He asked what was going on between us and how serious things had gotten. I didn't have much to say because we both knew we were just friends but it started to appear differently to others. He then said, "well I care about you and just wanted to let you know that he has been talking to another girl from his church. I just don't want you to get hurt." Woah, I was crushed. Of course I was still persistent though. His birthday comes around and I made him a cake to put in his locker... yeah it didn't fit haha. My friend and I spent so much time getting ready for his birthday party and planning out what to wear. We got there and my cheeks turned red as I had a hot flash, ugh nerves. I walked in and sure enough he is with some girl I had never seen before. I didn't know how to react, so I pretty much just avoided him all night. Oh, and definitely watched from a distance. When the night was over I gave him a hug goodnight and went home with my friend feeling so sad. The next weekend he asked me to hangout with him, outside of school. My mom took me over to his house, I can't even begin to explain how nervous I was. It was so much fun getting to know him and watching the way he interacts with his family. I was delighted to see that he treated his mom with soo much respect and love. Another reason to love him. Now here's the twist, we left his house to go hangout with this girl that he had been talking to... my heart definitely sank. We spent the whole night driving around Escondido and singing along to a bunch of songs. It was really fun but there was a pit in my stomach the entire time. We dropped the girl off and I felt a little more relaxed. Then, Hunter reached behind his seat and grabbed my hand. He held it the entire way home. Later that night he sent me a sweet goodnight text and thanked me for hanging out with him. I smiled to myself, but realized I had a lot of figuring out to do. And sooo the confusion starts, and this post ends. 
(Side note: It gets better I promise, there were definitely some confusing points in the beginning though haha)

Here's to a new month!
I can't wait to see what it has in store! :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. You are so cute! I'm 18 months down this week!! Except he'll get home when I'm on my mission. :/

    Also, I am OBsessed with your hair, girl. So gorgeous!


  2. That's so exciting! I'm coming up on the 6 month mark and (as you know..) there is nothing better than crossing off another month. YAY! Cute blog, can't wait to get to know you better! :)

  3. You are so adorable! And I want to hear more of your story!! :) It's so stinking cute!

  4. HOMEGIRL, your hair is OFF THE CHARTS! So jel!