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Saturday, March 23, 2013
 I've gotten really bad at keeping up with what's going on with myself.
Then things just started piling up and I got stressed out thinking of what to say.
Then Hunter took over the blog.
Somehow, quite mysteriously, he does that often.
For instance, my journal, almost every picture in my room, my screensaver, my thoughts, and now this blog post.
Ahh you get the point...
So I decided to just list 5 things and bombard you with pictures.

1) I currently have 3 jobs. Sometimes, I work all 3 on the same day. Those days, I sleep really good. I pretty much lived off of stress and deadlines in high school, now that its the real world, it isn't quite as fun. But it does keep the days more exciting!

2) Remember that one time I made a new years resolution to work out 4 times a week? I did realllyy good in January and part way through February... then mother nature magically appeared (on Valentines day might I add)  and suddenly chocolate cake, my bed, romantic movies, popcorn, and a heating pad were my my best friend... not my running shoes. Maybe April will be better :)

3) My Lauren friend is moving on April 1st to the land of Utah that seems to take away all my friends. Thinking about it makes me wanna cry. The only good part of it, is that I will be driving up to Utah with her and staying for a week! I am SO excited!! :)

4) I just learned what a pink slip is, I also learned what a smog is, I then realized triple A is totally the way to go when it comes to car insurance. They have taken better care of me than I could have imagined. They have my vote, and trust.

5) I reallyy like trying new foods. The other day I ate Korean food. I also bought some butternut squash soup that I'm in love with. Curry from sprouts is good on anything, I might as well drink it. I tend to crave sushi weekly. Catching my drift? I'm over cheeseburgers and fries. 

How cute is she!

Sweet smiles

Running through sprinklers :)

Out to eat!

Summertime in March

Matching boots and drinks with Lauren!

Thug life

Happy Days are the best days

Park date with the sweetest little girls

Gosh, I don't want her to move

Tanning in March, I dig it.

I go on hikes alone to clear my thoughts

Most delicious way to eat your veggies

Thats the stuffff!!!

"Issss sour ahhyee"

I love that one of my friends knows his mission president's son... a lot! ps when did his fingers get so long...

Korean BBQ yuummm!!

Okay, I'm caught up now.
I can now move on with my life.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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