An EGGciting package!

Thursday, March 28, 2013
Happy Easter Elder Moore!

Here it is, the last Easter package ever!
Kay, it't getting like realllyy fun to say "the last" for all the packages.
The second year may be flying by, but oh I am just so anxious to have him home!
(in such a terrified and excited way)
This time he told me he didn't want as many treats and more man food.
Blah, that's not as fun to make cute sayings for, but upon request, there is more "man" food :)

I was terrified for this day to come... and here we are
I think I am finally having "package making block"
That's why we stick to themes people, makes it easier.
But seriously, don't judge the ridiculously cheesy quotes.
Haha, yeah lucky for me there isn't another holiday for quite some time. 

Here it is!

This was way easy to make... if you need a little tutorial holla at me :)

On the back, my testimony of the Savior.
Yep, tears were shed.

Look! I'm getting out of the whole striped tie thing!
The paisley one just called my name.
Ps. I'm seriously gonna miss tie shopping when the man comes home


Seriously, I'm embarrassed that I posted this... at least I can't see you laughing right now.

How did I just think to send this??
I wonder where he puts his letters right now...

The gatorade takes me back to the high school days when I would decorate his locker.
Inside each Easter egg is sweet tart jelly beans and a scripture involving the Savior.

I'm always so amused at how much I can fit inside the box.

And there we have it!
I sure do love these packages :)
If anyone needs any how-to's or scriptures or anything, I'm always here :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. Oh trust me..boys never have enough ties. Jesse has been home for almost four years now and he LOVES tie shopping :)

  2. Aleigh! First, you are the cutest, holy smokes! You and your man are so adorable. I am also waiting for my missionary, and am on the "Waiting for a missionary" page on facebook. I saw your post on the page with your Easter package and came to see your blog post on it. I am so curious... how did you make the booklet of quotes from President Monson? I have been wanting to do that for my man, but haven't found the best way to do it yet. Did you just find all the quotes yourself in talks and what not of his? Okay, sorry for the long comment, I hope you don't think I'm completely crazy seeing you don't know me!!! Haha. Thanks for your help. :)

    1. Hey Shaileen! Sorry I'm just getting back to you... That was so easy to make you will be able to do it i no time :) So I just made a word doc with a bunch of his quotes found on pinterest,, and even just googled! I just tried to do anything fitting. Then I just printed all the quotes out and glued them on to thick scrapbook paper. After I had all the quotes on the paper and the same size I used contact paper to make it look laminated. You can find it in the cleaning section at target just make sure to get the clear kind. I just laid it out with the quote on the sticky side then folded the rest of it over to make the back side covered too. Then i just cut then out, hole punched them, and stuck them on a ring :)

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