See ya month 12, hello month 13!

Monday, February 11, 2013

13 Months Down!!! 11 to go :)

...but who's counting right? ;)

I truly don't know where the last month went. It passed by so quickly, but most definitely not too quickly ;)
People really weren't kidding when they told me after the first year time speeds up like crazy. 
The real countdown has started, and I am more than thrilled to say he comes back in less than a year :)

I've really been missing my best friend lately.
Yes I love him as a significant other, but he truly fills the spot of my very best friend.
He listens when nobody else will, he comforts before I ask, he jokes around with me and laughs at my jokes, he cares about my well being, he reminds me that I'm beautiful in not only his eyes but my Heavenly Father's, he stands up for me, and he is beyond respectful. 
I couldn't ask for much more.
I miss him more than I thought imaginable, but the time apart will be so worth it in the long run.

He is loving his mission.
It is everything he always dreamed of. I know because he shared those dreams with me before leaving. 
He has fallen in love with the people in Ohio, he is no where near ready to come home.
Just how it should be :)
His testimony beams in all of his emails and his happiness explodes off of the pages of his letters. 
He is exactly where he is supposed to be, I have no doubts about it :)

I think I'll pick up where I left off of our story. 
Not too much though, this post is already getting long. 
I think I'll just finish out 2008. Yep, that sounds good :)

So remember how I couldn't wait for the first day of school? Well its true, I was beyond excited. I planned out my outfit with high hopes that Hunter and I would cross paths. I picked out my white shorts and my cheetah print shirt, my gold dangle earrings and sandals that matched. I straightened my hair and applied my burts bees chapstick. My eye liner was waterproof and my eye lashes were curled.  I took a deep breath before I walked on through the gate to this big new school and you can only imagine the first thing I did... Got a drink from the water fountain. Haha just kidding I looked around for Hunter :) I got my schedule and he was still no where in sight. My best friend had first period with me so we walked together. My eyes finally spotted Hunter, and the butterflies came full throttle. I didn't try to catch up to him, my eyes just followed him all the way to his classroom. Oh my gosh, his class is 2 down from mine. I could not seem to pay attention during first period, I was just trying to plan out how I would walk out at just the perfect time so he would have to see me. Welll, that didn't work so well. What did work was that his next class was in the exact same direction as mine! Not two doors down, but I could already see our future walking to classes together. The comical part is that he probably forgot I even went to the same school as him... Lunch finally rolled around and I got the guts to walk up to him. We made small talk. that was it. The day was over and I felt discouraged. Well, most days were that way. Until one day, something finally clicked. He would walk up to me without me even planning to walk out at the same time as him, he would text me first (occasionally), and we would stand together almost all of lunch. After this continued for about a month I felt like I was on to something, I thought I was getting somewhere. Homecoming was right around the corner and I was sure he would ask. The days turned into weeks and he didn't even mention homecoming. Finally one of my friends mentioned to me that he wasn't sixteen and probably wasn't even going to homecoming. The first thought I had, "Wait, people actually wait until they are 16 to date?" Ohh I had lots to learn from him :) Although homecoming was now out of the question, I was still very intrigued to win him over. Lucky for me, I made varsity cheer as a freshman and it just so happens that Hunter played football and basketball :) I would leave little love notes and cookies in his locker on Friday's, talking about football was an excuse to well talk to him, and my absolute favorite was that our buses would get back to the school after away games at almost the exact same time. I would wait for him outside of the locker room and we would hug no matter how sweaty he was. One night, he even helped me carry my cheer box into the gym. That same night one of his friends walked past us and muttered "sheesh just get married already" I forced a little giggle out to relieve the awkward silence and he smiled at me. Little did he know that that one little comment really got me thinking. Well... maybe obsessing. 
And soo.. that finishes up 2008 for ya! Until next time :) 

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. Sooo this is really random, but I just saw you had a blog from that MG missionary page and clicked on your link and saw that your missionary had 11 months left! So exciting mine does too!! Waiting buds! :)