I can be feisty.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
An then... I usually end up regretting it because it turns around and bites me where the moon don't shine. 
Ha. It's a good thing I can laugh about this kind of a thing.

See that picture of my handsome missionary right there?
(Yeah he's pretty cute, he's taken, calm down)
Well I've pretty much followed him around like a little puppy dog since the day I first laid eyes upon him. So, for the past five years I know just about anything and everything that has occurred in his life through spending time with him, and well... stalking. Sorry, not sorry. 
So, when I see a picture from high school I immediately know exactly the month it was taken and why it was taken. 
Now, being that I fell head over heels for this wonderful man pretty quickly, I've grown quite defensive over him. Maybe, a little too defensive...
Now that I've prefaced my defense I'll get to the story I initially started this post about.

So I woke up on Monday morning and scrolled through instagram.
Upon scrolling I laid eyes upon a picture I had taken of Hunter and one of our friends the summer of 2009 before we went to the beach.
My heart went "awww" so my fingers typed it. 
Then, I see something some other kid had posted.
"I heard he's a pretty crappy missionary huh (insert name of his friend here)?"
Of course my heart that first went "awww" is now totally defensive because I don't think anyone has the right to speak about anyone in this manner let alone my man!
So then I respond with something along the lines of "check your sources... blah blah blah" 
Now the other kid responds with "Yeah I heard he hasn't even baptized one person"
Okay, nooo you didn't.
This is when Tyrisha my inner feisty black woman comes out.
So I type something now a little bit more uhm whats the word... snappy i guess?
I went for a run and let this little subject die down a bit.
I get back from my run and see the picture above sent to me from the same friend that posted the picture on instagram.
So, the kid in the picture is Hunter's mission president's son and the friend that sent the picture to me has a cousin living in Ohio that is his best friend!
Turns out, that the kids typing the rude remarks that got me all worked up, were the mission president's son and my friend's cousin being completely sarcastic.
Oh, and not to mention, right before this picture was taken his mission president's son showed Hunter the picture and all the comments.
I'm now embarrassed. 
At least I was standing up for him, right?

And therefore, being feisty almost always comes right back around and bites me in the bum.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. hahahaha i love this so much. who can blame you though? it's our place to defend our men that we love. :). if that would've happened with riley, or if anyone were to ever say anything now, you'd better believe i'd be all over them. its just love. :).

  2. LOL that's so funny Aleigh! You did the right thing to defend him and even get a little sassy about it. It only makes Hunter more proud to call you his girl :-)

  3. I have experienced cyber bullying and it is no fun...even when it turns out to be a "harmless" joke. I would have done the same as you! ;)