Friday, February 22, 2013

Ready for a completely random post?
There's no telling where this one will end up.

I watch the Polar Express year round.
Especially when I'm upset that I have to grow up.
It numbs the pain of losing my childhood.
See people, alcohol is soo not necessary.

Upon looking into my closet the other day,
 I realized how many different [personalities] I have
No that's not the right word.
I guess styles works better.
Maybe that's why I like so many different groups of people.

I have THE hardest time going to bed before midnight.
Even if I start trying to fall asleep at 10:30
I thank slap myself every morning for it.

I have four journals right now
Five counting this blog.
They are just about as scatter brained as this post.
I like it that way.

I either eat reaalllyy healthy or reaalllyy not.
There isn't an in between for me.
I'll need to figure that one out.

Sometimes, my boobs eat more than I do.
Those little crumb catchers...

I live my life like its a best selling novel.
Yes, I do narrate taking a shower.

I justify eating ice cream with the excuse.
"I can stop when my metabolism does"
I wonder what my excuse will be then...

I watched a few videos last night upon being a night owl
This video  and this one made me laugh
However, This one made me cry from laughing so hard.
Although if I were her, those wouldn't be happy tears.

My camera is my best friend
I take it everywhere with me now
Gosh I love pictures
Spontaneous photography wins.

This talk will always fill my eyes with happy tears.
My heart is content

When I get really excited I don't make any sense at all.
I just say things and giggle...
Leaving the person I'm trying to talk to clueless.
I'm working on it.

The other day I tried to figure out what I would first grab if there were a fire.
I panicked.
My clothes? Wait how will I grab all my shoes? I guess I could just grab my rack of scarves!
Yikes. Priorities people.

Here's some pictures as weird as this post.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. I think you totally just made my day! :)

  2. the hair tutorial. hilarious. still laughing.

  3. Alright. Don't even ask me how I came across your blog..because I was just surfing. But seriously, you are the CUTEST. I LOVE this post. & I relate with you like no other mother! My boobs eat more than I do, too. And I have a ton of different styles. From indie, to grungie, to boutique-ey, to more. Seriously. I need to calm down or something. Also, burning my hair off video? Classic. So classic. Whoa. sorry for the novel. I just like you already. That's all. :)