In this moment I just feel so alive.

Sunday, October 21, 2012
This week was so incredibly wonderful.
One of the happiest, most fun, carefree, weeks I have experienced in quite a while.
I think I opened my laptop a total of 3 times. 
I have forgotten how fun it is to be busy with more than just what you have to get done.
I usually mentally prepare myself for the day with a list of things I need to get done...
I never did that in high school.
I just let my days happen and hoped they would get filled up with exciting things to do.
They always did and I always thought to myself that the weeks would just fly by.
Growing up will always contain a bit more responsibility depending on your endeavors, but who ever said that means you have to give up the fun side of life?
No one ever.
This week reminded me of one of my favorite quotes.
"Do more of what makes you happy"
Yes, its simple. But, I will continue to live my life with this mentality. 
We will all continue to grow old, but as for me I will most definitely never grow up.

Pictures? Of course.
Throughout the past few weeks I have been stalking facebook like a mad man looking for old and new pictures of Hunt for what his Christmas present entails. I love coming across gems like these! Oh how I miss that fellow.

I LOVE babysitting and word is starting to get around that I have some free time to do so. Children ignite some special feeling inside myself. Its a mixture of love and happiness (we'll call it lappiness) that I only experience around children.

Perfection is an understatement when it comes to Sprinkles cupcakes.
That would be a red velvet and alongside it, a caramel apple.

La Jolla at its finest

Going to my brothers football games makes me happy.
Especially when he gets to play running back!!

Seals make this funny toot noise when they get mad at you...

The San Diego Temple. Beyond words.

I love this place.

Did I mention that sweet Samantha decided to visit???
Talk about a lovely surprise!

Along with her came lovely Katie friend, so happy we got to meet :)

Crunchy roll. Holllaa.

Yeah so, I was a super senior the other night at the homecoming game. And guess what! We still got it ;)

Here's to another week!
And this week entails a sixteenth birthday for brother, a Halloween boat party, and a lovely wedding! Oh the excitement :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy