Another week down.

Monday, October 29, 2012
I like collecting my thoughts on all that occurred last week at the beginning of a new week.
My past seven days have been lovely, with some tummy aches in between but thats another story.
You better believe that Taylor Swift holiday radio on pandora has been on in between Taylor's new album RED!
I can't help it, I just LOVE Christmas! If it were up to me we would just skip Halloween and go straight to the next two holidays in line.
However, it is quite hard to get in the Christmas spirit when California can't seem to shake this 80+ degree weather. Beyond lame.
It was another fun week, lets reminisce shall we?

We already know the most important detail of the week... Taylor decided to grace us with the presence of a beautiful album. Take a listen to this sweet tune.

Brother man turned sixteen years of age! However, he has more facial hair than most 30 year olds.

On Tuesday, I worked. Surprise there. Before I left my manager informed me of a conversation that occurred while I was in the back. She told me that Mike had asked her if I have a boyfriend. Upon responding yes, she also mentioned that he is "away" right now. Mike immediately assumed that meant Sweet Hunter is in the army. Manager Karlie responded with a glorious answer of, "well kind of, he's in the army of God!" Upon hearing this I couldn't wipe a smile off of my face. My studly soldier is fighting the battle of truth and righteousness in the army of God :)

On Wednesday I woke up at my parents home and slept in because I wasn't feeling well. After eating a few potstickers my mother made, I went to kaiser. I am there wayy too often. Details on that whole situation will hopefully be delivered soon.

Thursday was quite a busy day. Work. Babysit. Bachelorette party. 
Not going to bed until 3:30 isn't really my cup of tea, but it was a fun day!
The sweet Sadie child fell asleep right in my arms and held my hand the whole time through. Love how sweet she is :)

After work on Friday I went to brothers football game. Oh and after that, I went to a Halloween Boat Dance! I wore my bumblebee costume, the same one I have had since 7th grade...

Saturday Lauren and Todd got married! I just love weddings so very much. It was beyond beautiful and you can just tell how in love they are :) Another missionary success story :)

On Sunday our ward had our Primary Program! Don't ya just get a kick out of those kids? I know I do. Later that night I carved a pumpkin which I was quite excited to do! Turns out its just not really my expertise. My "We love Hunt" pumpkin kinda turned into "We love lunt..." It takes serious skill to mess up that bad :) I also wrote Hunter his forty third email since the mission fist began. Forty. Three. That's a lot of words people. Speaking of Hunter, I might as well include some recent pictures :)
See what I mean? pure talent.

Apparently that bug is named Fredrick.

In his words "The gang"

Look at that handsome man :)

At the crew soccer game!

Time to begin a new week!
What are you going to be for Halloween?
As for me I'm between a hippie and a 50's girl.
Thank goodness we are going to be in November in just three short days :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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