Just try to never grow up.

Friday, May 4, 2012
Well friends, I am officially an adult. And i feel absolutely no different, who would of guessed ;)It was such a lovely day, birthdays always are. It started how any birthday should; I woke up to my room completely decorated with streamers, balloons, posters, you name it. It's quite the tradition in my home for my parents to decorate our rooms in the middle of the night so we wake up feeling extra special on our extra special day. I may or may not have woken up as they were decorating (every year for that matter), but who cares i fake sleep anyways because its the thought that counts. I got to sleep in until 7:30, on a school morning! That's right folks I ditched the first block...with my mother's permission of course :) Then we traveled over to massage envy in Encinitas where I had my very first massage. Oh. My. Gosh. I think that may have to be added to the birthday tradition list as well ;) I didn't even giggle! And let me tell ya, I am probably one of the most ticklish people ever when it comes to my legs. Yep, I'm definitely one of those people that has to hide my face in a magazine as the asian lady makes me giggle during a pedicure. After that wonderful experience, I went over to my school where I walked into ASB to find the whiteboard COVERED in the sweetest birthday messages! Talk about feeling loved! I love my ASB class. Some of the most wonderful people I have ever met are a part of that class and I am so thankful I get to work with them every single day.
Then the wake up call arrived. I recieved my cap and gown on my 18th birthday. Yep, I'll never forget that. As my mom and I drove back from massage envy, Never grow up came on and we both broke down. More so her, but she kept saying how she just keeps picturing me as a little baby not an adult. I felt like I wasn't ready to grow up and I wanted to stay in that car with her forever. However, when I got my cap and gown, I realized the time has come and there's nothing I can do about that. Reality set in, I really am going to grow up. Having all my friends there makes it so much easier, and guess what I think I am ready. My best friend Audrey surprised me with the most adorable cakes I have ever seen. I loved them so much, and they taste even better than they look! (I know hard to believe)
I share a birthday with a girl that I have known since elementary school and I decided to take a picture with her and the two cakes sweet Audrey gave me. My other friend Samantha gave me the most adorable birthday card with the sweetest poem and a ticket for a sushi date she is going to take me out on :) I have the very best friends. They bring so much happiness into my life and I am so thankful for all they do for me.
For my birthday dinner I chose the fabulous Ruby's diner on the pier in Oceanside!Best friend turned sister, Audrey, came with me and my family. Wanna know why Audrey is one of my very best friends? Because she does things with me that nobody else would. Like wearing lipstick every chance we get just because it make us feel like women. So, Audrey and I wore wedges with our jeans and we made it all the way down the pier without stumbling. Heck yes we really are women! One reason I always choose Ruby's is because what better location can you have than right over the water, but also because they have the best milkshakes known to man kind. Disagree if you would like, but you will never persuade me otherwise. I got the decadent peanut butter cup shake that makes my taste buds do a little dance every time more enters my mouth.
Audrey got cookie dough, Andrew got double vanilla, and my dad got heath bar. See, isn't your mouth watering now? I got the santa fe burger complete with guacomole, chipotle sauce, a green chile pepper, and pepper jack cheese. Oh my gosh, take me back now! During dinner everyone shared their favorite memory with me, and how sweet it was :)After I was stuffed beyond belief they brought out an ice cream sundae and sang to me. We walked back to the car and went home to the best birthday present yet.
That's right friends! My very own Nikon!! Oh happy day! I am in love, its like my little baby until I actually have one. And then I will use it to take pictures of my sweet real baby :)It was a wonderful day. Truly wonderful. I went to bed smiley (and tired) and said a very long prayer of gratitude for not just a great day, but for eighteen years worth of wonderful days. Now I will close with that delightful poem written by the wonderfully beautiful Samantha Evans :) "So therE's this girl called Aleigh from So Cali whose just turned eighteen! With cupcakes and lace, sprinkles and T-Swifty this girl is so great and my, what a beauty! From sushi to Ruby's to Discovery Lake we have the funnest times, and that no mistake! She's darling and lovely from head to toe, and when she makes cupcakes you always want some Mo'e! She knows every word to Taylor Swift and High School Musical she's "Fearless" and "Fabulous" and will "Forever and Always" "Stay Beautiful"! With that radiant smile and joyful laugh it's no wonder she's part of the Jamba Juice staff! As you can see, this girl is such a sweet pea And best friends I hope we always will be! So on this third day of May I have to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Yep she's clever, and that made me smile so very much. Like I said a million times before, what a wonderful day :)

All my love,
 -Aleigh Joy

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