Blessed Babes!

Monday, May 7, 2012
This weekend may have been one of the longest of my life. We had a fundraiser on Saturday for girls camp. A garage sale to be exact, that involved sorting piles upon piles of clothing the night before. It got tiring, and some of the clothes were quite different to say the least.
\ However, I did score myself a pair of red high heels pretty much brand spankin new for TWO dollars. Heck yes! This garage sale was so big that we had to have a moving truck take everything down to the parking lot, we don't mess around. Needless to say, I was so ready for bed when it came time. Oh but it gets better, I got woken up at FOUR FIFTY IN THE AM, because the sale started at five. Say what? Yeah, not a happy camper. I ended up working the bake sale for as long as I was there, and may have taken a few butterscotch bars while I was at it. Around 10:30 I left and headed over to Jamba for a six hour shift. Thank goodness it wasn't super busy and only one grumpy customer complained of her smoothie being "absolutely disgusting". I met up with Aubrie Ann after work since she conveniently works at H&M right across from Jamba. We headed over to Salsa for a little cinco de mayo dinner with a few other Moore's. After a great day of being up for about 18 hours I was beyond ready for bed. Sunday Morning I headed right back over to the Moore's house to attend three different baby blessings at three different buildings with Michelle and Logan. It was quite a hefty day, but seriously fun. Each of the babies looked precious and did so well as they were being blessed. Each father did a wonderful job as well while blessing their children with wonderful lives ahead. You would have thought they did it a hundred times :) The day was jam packed with luncheons and pictures and visiting with some of my favorite people.
First up was Hudson Gregory Nielsen.
Next was Sienna Marie Moore, don't mind the nosing in the picture :)
Lastly, was Sadie Grace Dunham. What precious blessed babes they are. Sunday dinner was prepared by the Nielsen family and it was a deligthful meal full of pork roast, cheesy biscuits, spinach salad, pesto pasta, and a delightful chocolate bundt cake! It was another night of my life I went to bed with a happy and grateful heart. How precious life is! To conclude, a few more pictures from the joyous Sunday affair!
Landon Patrick giggles :)
Ava Lynn shows some love
The boys nose each other.
My favorite Moore gals.

Well that is all, Happy Monday all!
All my love,
-Aleigh Joy

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