Blanket Ladder DIY

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Are you ready for the easiest and cutest DIY everrr?? I have been wanting a blanket ladder for a while now. I think they are so cute and such a fun way to decorate and store blankets. I started to look on different websites to see how much it would cost me to buy one and it was absurd! I'm talking hundreds of dollars! And then the cheaper local ones I found were horrible quality or super tiny. That's when I got the idea to make one myself. I'm sure the guys at Home Depot hate me because I'm totally the girl that walks in like "heyyy I have this DIY project I want to do... can you show me how to do it??" Haha but they're always so patient and give great (and cheap) options. So, with the help of my trusty lumber Home Depot guys, this blanket ladder came to life at a whopping $8!! Can you believe that? And if you already have stain, it'll be even cheaper! I didn't take step by step photos because I honestly trust that you'll be able to figure it out based off what I'm saying. Well... hopefully haha. But seriously, it is THAT easy. 

Materials Needed:
(2) 2x4's cut to 76in (if you ask, they'll cut it for you)
(1) 1x3 cut into 4 14in pieces (again ask them to cut it)
1 small can of your choice in color of stain (i did the grey wash)
1 old rag
A drill
LONG screws. Guys, I can't find the box anywhere but I used wood screws and they were probably 6-8ish inches? Maybe a little longer. I'll update this if I find them. But, basically it needs to go into the side of the ladder and through the "steps" of the ladder so it needs to be quite long. 

How To:
Alright so obviously first go to Home Depot and get your wood. I didn't look for the most perfect pieces because I like the "rustic" look. When you get home use a rag to stain your wood. I found that two coats was perfect for the look I was going for. Let that dry completely. Alright, now you need to assemble your ladder. The best method I found was sticking the bottom of your ladder's legs flat up against a wall as if it was standing up so you can make sure they are at the exact length they would be if standing up. That way you can get your "steps" to be screwed in evenly. I put each wood step at 15.2 inches. Then I literally just took the drill and a screw and drilled them together. I went through the outside of the ladder and into the step. Since you wont actually be stepping on it, it just needs to hold together enough for decor to be held on it. Guys, that's literally it. I can't believe how easy it was! It was completed start to finish in a few hours and looks so cute. The blanket is from Cariloha, the sign is from Hobby Lobby, and the bucket is my mother in law's until I find one similar haha.

(If you look close you can see where I drilled the screw in this photo)

I hope you guys liked this DIY! Let me know if you have any questions!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


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