Finding A Back To School Routine

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
This post is sponsored by Sparkling ICE but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I spent practically all summer wishing I had signed Oaklyn up for preschool. I love the kid more than I can handle, but I knew she was beyond ready. She spends a lot of her days following me around looking for something to do. She has tons of toys and plenty of things she could do, but she just wanted something more to challenge herself. We put her in gymnastics to give her something to do but she then broke her foot... oops. I ended up very last minute finding out I could still sign her up and we went for it! She was beyond excited and I was too! Finally a break! hahaha...

On the first day of school we spent extra time getting her ready and talked all about the fun things she was going to learn and do. It was so fun to see her walk in without any fear. I on the other hand, shed a few tears seeing my baby in school for the first time. I was SO excited for her, yet couldn't believe we were already at that point. It was the weirdest feeling leaving her there and just leaving. I missed her throughout the day and was just looking for things to do. When we picked her up, it was such a fun reunion. We were all happy to see each other and had so much fun talking about her day. 

We're now into week three of preschool and I have come to realize that having a routine really helps! Oaklyn does afternoon preschool because she has always slept in. So, we go about our morning as usual leaving a little extra time to get ready. We make sure to do her hair special for preschool and I involve her in picking out her outfits for school. It's such a fun time to talk and hangout together before we're apart. As I do her hair she gets to eat a snack so she doesn't go to school on an empty stomach.

Then we load up the car and head to school! After walking her in, giving hugs and kisses goodbye, and watching from the window for a minute... I'm a free mom! Well... free from toddler mom ;) haha. I still have my baby Cam but she can't argue with me yet sooo I'll take it! After Oaks had been to preschool a few times I realized how wonderful it was to be able to enjoy a special "mommy drink" in the car while running errands. Cambria is still rear facing so she can't see me and even if she could, she can't talk and beg for some! I love being able to enjoy a Sparkling Ice drink as we get the to-do list done. I drink water all day everyday. It's really all I ever drink. So, it's really fun to add some flavor and fizz to my day! Sparkling Ice comes in 16 great true to life flavors, has zero calories, and zero sugar. I love that the colors and flavors are all naturally sourced. My absolute favorite flavor is Pink Grapefruit. 

My favorite part of preschool days is picking Oaklyn up. I love hearing what she did and learned and the kids she played with. I wish so badly that I could be a fly on the wall to watch her, but I'll settle  for sitting with her and talking as she eats her after school snack. She loves when I save her a little bit of my "special drink" aka Sparkling Ice and I feel good about her drinking it since it is full of vitamins and antioxidants. 

Whatever your new routine may be as your kids go to school for the first time or head back to school maybe even for the last time, remember to enjoy it a little with a special treat like Sparkling Ice. Click here to order Sparkling Ice on Amazon where you can find all 16 flavors! Also, being an Amazon Prime member will get you up to 15% off with free delivery when you Subscribe & Save. What's your favorite flavor?? 

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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