Just Like Her Photo

Monday, October 16, 2017

In the world we're living in, it seems that so many women and girls are defining their worth based off likes, comments, and photos they post on social media.
I know, I know, coming from me (a blogger) this post may sound lame... but hear me out.
Deep down, we all know we're worth more than the numbers on our social media account.
But, the sting is still there if the selfie you just posted gets maybe half the engagement your usual photos get. 
Right? I know you feel it too.
I could easily get on here and type out things that I truly believe like: "The numbers game on instagram is ridiculous" and "post photos for memories not for likes" or "stop comparing your life to what you see on social media" but instead I'm going to say this... JUST LIKE HER PICTURE!

Since social media is my job, I'm constantly hearing about and researching what instagram is doing with their platform.
I know all I can know about the dreaded "algorithm" and how most of your followers don't see your pictures anymore... but I also know that more people do actually see it than how many actually liked it.
So, hear me out for a minute... We're seeing articles all over the place advertising to women that they need to stop comparing their worth to the likes they receive, but we're all still doing it.
So, while I see those articles as beneficial and a way to lift spirits, I also think simply liking each others photos ain't such a bad idea either!
A mom should feel comfortable posting a picture where they feel good in what they're wearing without first second guessing if anyone will like it, a newly engaged girl shouldn't have to worry if her proposal picture is too grainy for likes, and a college freshman shouldn't have to feel sad if their mirror selfie is only liked by their mom...

We live in a world where jealousy takes over several friendships and relationships and it kinda makes me sick.
No, I'm not perfect either... but I write what I need my own self to hear so maybe this is more for me than anything?
I just can't seem to understand why you would follow someone and just scroll past their photo without taking the quick second to double tap.
Not actually seeing someone's pictures is one thing, I don't see many anymore to be honest... but if you do, why not just give them a little pick me up by liking that picture?
It's kind of like a virtual hug, ya know?
I think if more of us women had these virtual hugs more often, there wouldn't be such a comparison feeling on instagram. 
I think if we just supported each other and let each other know that we do in fact like what their posting, there would be a lot less feelings of inadequacy and "social media fasts."

I'm in several groups on Facebook.
Some are for moms, some are for wives, some are religious groups, and some are for bloggers.
However, despite the differences of the types of people in each group, in just the past week I have seen a few posts in each group from women talking about how Instagram is getting them down.
How they post a photo and it seems like no one really "liked" it.
Maybe it seems silly to you, but after seeing all these posts I felt so sad that maybe a fifteenth of the people that follow you, actually like your photo.
And the thing is, if you switch to a business account (which anyone can do) it shows how many "impressions" were made or rather, how many people viewed the photo without actually liking it.
I just keep thinking, why follow someone if you aren't actually going to like their content?
I know there are bigger issues in the world, but let's save our friends from the heartache and just double tap while scrolling.
I've been making more of a conscious effort when I actually look at instagram to like people's photos, because if I like that person enough to follow them, then I must like their content too.

So anyways, I personally think this will do more good than harm and really, it takes a matter of seconds to just like the photo ;)
Now go show your friends some instagram love!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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  1. Hi Aleigh,

    I have been following you since you first started waiting for Hunter. I just wanted to tell you thanks for this post. I read it and really thought, man I've been petty about not liking certain people's posts. You know those people that you follow, but you aren't sure why? Well I decided I either needed to get over it or unfollow. So I decided to just get over it and like the post. Anyways, I also wanted to tell you thank you for being REAL. I feel like so many Utah Mormon bloggers I follow try to make EVERY SINGLE PICTURE look totally perfect, and I feel like you have such beautiful pictures of your life but you aren't trying to look 100% perfect, you are still real and a person that I feel I can relate to.