Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Lady

Monday, June 26, 2017

Oh pregnancy, it's the best of times and the worst of times haha.
The swelling, the heartburn, the clothes that don't fit... it's all worth it to grow and bring new life into the world, but man is it challenging at times.
Just about every day I look at Hunter and say something along the lines of how done I am with being pregnant.
My pregnancy with Oaklyn had its ups and downs but mainly was a breeze, this time has just been harder all around.
The funny thing is, pregnant women are already going through so many emotional and physical changes, yet people still have the nerve to say some really well... dumb things. To put it politely ;)
I've decided to compile a list of all these rather annoying remarks to maybe shed some light on the topic, because really, just think before you speak people! 

"You must be due any day now!"
Okay people, just don't bring up a due date you know nothing about unless you are asking when someone is due. And when they tell you, just say something kind like "oh how fun!" When a 7 month along pregnant lady is walking through the grocery store, the last thing they want to hear is that they look like they are going to pop at any minute. It's a long process and every single body grows differently. Just let the body do its thing. Commenting on weight during pregnancy is a danger zone at all times. 

Just wait... 
Okay, ANY form of just wait comment is actually the worst. Just because something may have been harder for you does not mean it will be for the pregnant lady and even if it will be, they surely don't want to hear about it! "Just wait til the baby comes, you'll never sleep!" "Just wait until you have two to chase around, then you'll know how hard it is!" Just wait until you are in your third trimester, it's so much worse!" "Just wait until you're in labor, you'll be wishing you never got pregnant!" You guys, I'm not kidding I've had all of these said to me and I just wanna pull my hair out. It's just not kind to talk to someone like they are naive in the first place, but let's not freak out other moms either. Just let them be them and you do you.

You must want a *insert opposite gender here* so bad!
We're having our second girl. And guess what?? We are SO excited! This second baby being a girl could not be better for us. With Hunter still in school for a few more months, it is such a blessing that we can just reuse everything we had from Oaklyn. Also, it is so much fun having girls and Hunter is actually happy with having two girls! When someone is pregnant with another one of the same gender, it is actually possible that they are happy about it. And if they aren't it's probably best not to bring it up unless they do first...

Don't let your hands do the talking...
Some people could care less that random strangers come up and touch their belly... but most find it really really odd. I know I do. "Oh, is she kicking??" Uhm no, and even if she was I don't know you... It's just best to move along and keep your hands in your pockets people.

Opinions on labor choices
Here's the deal, we have several different choices and options when it comes to labor nowadays. There is no "right" way and that is a-okay. If you bring up labor, just keep your opinions to yourself. Your natural birth may have gone really awesome, but some just aren't about that. Your epidural may have been heaven sent, but some women just don't want one. Either way is just fine.

Asking baby's name
Okay, while it's not a bad thing to ask if they have a name picked out, don't pry if they don't want to talk about it. And if they do feel okay offering the name, you may not like it... but don't show it or say it. Our daughter has a "different" name, but we absolutely love it. I hated telling people her name because the reactions were all over the place. If the only names you like are the ones you named your children, it's best just not to ask this question...

Okay, that about covers it for now haha.
I'm sure I can think of more, but we'll leave it at that ;)
Pregnancy hormones are no joke, so let's just not mess with them.

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All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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  1. I do not have kids... but can totally see how all of these are so annoying!!! Thanks for sharing this today, I know other mamas out there feel the same way!

  2. You totally covered it! People say the rudest and most inappropriate things to us preggers!

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  4. With my last pregnancy I got the "you are huge" comment all the time. Like seriously??? Or the "you are never gonna make it to your due date" good grief

  5. You hit the nail on the head ! People just just shut up 😂

  6. I thought it was so weird when strangers would rub my belly. Keep your hands to yourself if I don't know you!!!

  7. YES YES YES - something about a pregnant woman makes every weirdo want to open their mouths