An Afternoon at SeaWorld, San Diego!

Friday, June 16, 2017
This post is in partnership with SeaWorld San Diego. All opinions are mine alone. 

I had been talking about taking a trip back home for a bit because I wanted one last fun trip with both grandparents for Oaklyn before she becomes a big sister. 
When Hunter finally agreed to the idea and said he would try to get work off, I got so excited and started planning fun things to do!
We decided to take one of the days we were there to visit SeaWorld San Diego.
Growing up in San Diego, I never really took advantage of all it had to offer.
I went to SeaWorld on a field trip when I was a lot younger and again with family when I was still pretty young.
So, while this trip was definitely for Oaklyn... I was just as excited to go to SeaWorld for myself ;)

Most amusement parks are kind of out of the question for us right now because I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy and Oaklyn is just a few inches shy of riding most rides. 
From what I had remembered, SeaWorld seemed like the perfect place for our family at this stage of life.
Boy was I right!
Me, Hunter, Oaklyn, and Hunter's mom all went and that is a very wide range of ages... yet we all had lots of fun!
There was something entertaining and fun for all of us and Oaklyn got to see animals she had never seen before.

When we entered the park we honestly had no idea where to go, haha.
We had a map but just kind of decided to aimlessly explore and stop at the attractions that appealed to us.
The first thing we found was the Dolphin Encounter.
Other than Oaklyn's major meltdown (ohhh toddlers) I thought it was so cool!
You can see the dolphins above water doing all their fun tricks and below water by the glass!
I think dolphins just look so friendly and fun.
They always appear to be smiling and I just love that.
There was also someone over the loudspeaker explaining facts and details about dolphins I didn't know.
I loved that it was fun and educational for all ages. 

After that we tried to map out where we went based off show times.
The first show we saw was Sea Lions Live and it was the cutest thing ever!
I was so impressed with how well they were trained for the show and how clever the script was.
Oaklyn was fascinated by these animals she had never seen before and us adults were cracking up at the hilarious jokes.
That was by far my favorite show and my top recommendation for anyone who visits Seaworld.
We had planned on doing two other shows but ended up just going to the dolphin show and it was awesome!
One thing we all loved is how they personally introduced each dolphin and said how many children they had haha.
I also loved the fun and playful interactions between the trainers and dolphins.
I loved the upbeat and positive vibe of the show.
The dolphins did so many cool tricks and Oaklyn sat pretty still through the whole thing which I would say is a win!
Hunter said he now wants to be a dolphin trainer haha ;)

Okay, let's talk about the other things you can see while at SeaWorld...
There are so many different areas dedicated to specific animals. 
We loved seeing the penguins, sting rays, dolphins, and there are so many others!
This is a perfect teaching moment with little ones to help make the trip a little educational too.
There are always plaques with info on all the animals so I was learning quite a bit as well.
I love how happy all the animals look and how playful they all were!

Now let's talk rides...
Hunter loves rides and I may even love them more than him haha.
Clearly I wasn't able to go on any rides but Hunter had a blast on the two he went on!
He rode Manta and Journey to Atlantis and absolutely loved both!
He rode Journey to Atlantis twice because the line was super short and he thought it was so much fun.
It is a coaster and a water ride combined together. 
You get a little wet going down a big drop and then do the roller coaster part. 
Manta is a roller coaster that soars dives and twists just as a sting ray would.
Oaklyn discovered a new found love for rides this trip to San Diego and kept asking to go on them at SeaWorld.
They have two places for your littles to ride some rides...
The first place is Sesame Street Bay of Play with so many fun things for your toddler to do.
They also just opened a new area called Ocean Explorer and we spent a good chunk of time there letting oaks go on the rides.
She LOVED them!
They were the perfect size and speed for her and it was so fun watching her smile through each ride.

We had such a great afternoon at SeaWorld San Diego and can't wait to go back again!
I can't believe we'll have a second kid the next time we go!
Overall, SeaWorld gets two thumbs up from our family because we loved that there was something for everyone!
What is your favorite thing to do there?

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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