Friday, May 19, 2017

Holy smokes, where is time going??
I hit the third trimester this week and I'm seriously in shock that this pregnancy is 2/3 of the way done.
You know when you first hear your due date you're thinking, "that is SO far away!"?
Well, now I'm thinking... "wait, can we push this due date back a little? I'm not ready!"
I definitely am getting more and more excited and anxious, but I've got a whole lot to do to be ready for this little miss!
I also can't believe how little I've posted about this pregnancy.
This has been the craziest and busiest time in our marriage and time is literally flying by.
I thought I'd finally do a little bumpdate though because I was so good about it with Oaklyn and this child should at least have one haha.

These were the exact same questions I used with Oaklyn so here we go!

How Far Along? 28 Weeks!
Weight Gain: I try really hard not to look at the scale at each appointment so i'm not sure ;) I'm also not sure why I left this question on here...
 Maternity Clothes? I have all my maternity jeans from when I was pregnant with Oaklyn and I'm still loving them! However, I was my biggest with her in the winter so baggy sweaters did the trick. This time around I'm having a hard time being comfy in clothes! I'm kind of living in swing dresses. 
 Sleep? Sleep is harder when you have a toddler. I can't just plop down and take a nap like I did with Oaks. But when I actually fall asleep I stay asleep pretty well. As long as i have my legs wrapped around a pillow ha.
 Best moment this week? This might sound silly, but I've been having a hard time with how quickly my body changed this pregnancy. I feel like I'm never fitting in clothes and it's just a pain to get dressed. The other day though, I got dressed and actually felt good in what I was wearing! Silly I know, but was good for my pregnant self esteem. 
 Weird pregnancy moment? Saying goodbye to my belly button... I forgot how weird it is when your stomach grows and your belly button disappears
 Movement: This child is much different than Oaks. Oaklyn was her most active from this point til about 38 weeks. This one will just all of a sudden kick so hard it literally hurts then be done for a while. She really likes to press outwards and dig into my ribs too. 
 Food Cravings: It's something new each week but right now I'm craving a chick fil a sandwich with lots of chick fil a sauce on the daily, shaved ice, ice cold water, dr pepper (thank goodness for caffeine free because I get this craving at like 10pm...), and a fried egg on toast ha.
 Anything making you queasy? Smells. Ugh, my sense of smell is ridiculous. Oaklyn's diapers do not help this situation at all!
 Gender: Last we checked, it's still a girl! Thank goodness too, I hardly have to buy anything!
 What I'm looking forward to: Seven Peaks opening! We got passes and even though I'm dreading being in a bathing suit, I can't wait to float in a pool!
Best Advice Learned So Far: Ignorance is bliss ha! I was so high strung with Oaks and had to have all the best baby gear and latest gadgets. I had a never ending checklist of things I thought we absolutely needed and it totally stressed me out. I've been trying to just not care as much about all that stuff this time and it's helped a ton!

Well, here's to hoping we have a smooth 12 weeks til this lady arrives!
I have a lot to do to get Oaks ready for a little one, but I'm so excited to watch her be a big sister :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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