You've Been Boo'ed!

Sunday, October 9, 2016
We started this little tradition in our family the first year Hunter and I were married.
Yes, we really did just go the two of us without any kids ;)
Hunter thought it was a little strange at first because he had never done it or had it happen to him, but growing up this was something I always looked forward to.
I remember getting the little ghost and treats on my doorstep and loving it so much.
I also remember hiding in the bushes and watching our neighbors look for the "Boo'er" and trying so hard not to make a peep!
While I was pregnant I began thinking about different traditions for each holiday that I wanted my family to look forward to.
I remembered this little tradition we did in my neighborhood growing up and decided I have to carry it on because it brought so much fun and joy to me when I was younger.
Usually this takes place the whole month of Halloween but I'm always a little slow to remembering to do it ;)
Here's to hoping I get better each year!

The object is to "Boo" neighbors or friends by leaving treats on their door step, knocking on the door and hiding to watch their reaction, or running away!
We always hid and watched as kids but Oaklyn would blow our cover since she doesn't totally get what's going on yet so we opted for running.
She loved running away and was giggling so loud haha!
Hunter got a great adrenaline rush since he was the knocker and we talked the whole way home wondering what their reaction was.
It's truly so much fun and makes a great FHE activity. 
I made some free downloadable printables for you down below so you can do this in your neighborhood!
Now go Boo someone!
(and no, it isn't "boo" like when someone does something bad its "Boooo" as in what a ghost says!)

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