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Friday, October 21, 2016

Back in the day, (more like before getting married) I loved shopping at thrift stores.
Like seriously, I think I went once a week.
I love the treasures you can find in a thrift store and that they feel more "one of a kind."
Not to mention, nothing beats the price of shopping second hand.
With my style preference and wardrobe wants changing with every season, I can't justify spending hundreds of dollars every few months on the latest and greatest.
While I really enjoy a crisp new shirt, I might like getting "new" thrifted clothes just as much!
There's always such a sense of accomplishment when you find something you absolutely love, for pennies.
I haven't gone as much since having Oaklyn and moving to Utah because a) I couldn't find a thrift store I really liked and b) I just don't have much time these days.
However, that all changed recently.

A bit ago, I took a visit to the Uptown Cheapskate location in Sugarhouse, Utah.
I walked in not knowing much of anything about the company and left with a ton of beautiful clothes for an amazing deal, and a love for my new favorite thrift store. 
I'm so happy that I now know about this company because they have over 40 locations in the US.
Yep, you read that right!
The founders of Uptown are actually the children of the founders of another one of my favorites, Kid to Kid.
They are both opening franchise opportunities all over the US.
I was pleasantly surprised by their selection of clothes and I was seriously, beyond happy with what I found.
I tried on Hudson jeans, J crew sweaters, Steve madden shoes, Free People tops, and several other well known brands for over half off the original price. 
Everything was in great condition, no stains, rips, or tears.
It was also really organized inside which is huge for me, and the staff was more than helpful.
Seriously though, I had about 3 loads of at least 20 items I took into the dressing room and the guy helping me didn't even mind.
In fact, he was there to give me a second opinion if I wasn't sure about an item!
I got 5 sweaters, one cardigan, a necklace, and a pair of leggings for under $80.
Can you say score??
I'm so excited to go back and find more treasures!

So obviously, I no longer have an excuse to not buy secondhand with Uptown Cheapskate here in Utah.
Not only have I found a used clothing store I love, but I actually have time for this one!
When I think of a thrift store, I think of clutter and crazy.
As you can see by my photos, Uptown in Sugarhouse is very well organized and they make it so easy to find exactly what you are looking for.
I went to every sweater, shirt, and jean rack because those were the items I was searching for and was overall very happy with what I found!

So if you couldn't tell by this post, I give Uptown three thumbs up ;)
I was pleasantly surprised with how good of an experience I had shopping secondhand with Uptown!
Hope to see you all at one of their locations sometime!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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