The Sixth Month

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Happy half birthday Oaklyn baby! 
Here's to another month of firsts! 
I can't believe how much my little baby has changed and how big she's gotten! 
Half a year sounds so old! 
I may or may not already be planning her first birthday party.
We spent most of this month traveling and sweet Oaklyn did so well given the circumstances. 
We had so much going on and unless she was absolutely exhausted, she just went right along. 

Here's a bit of what baby girl is doing these days:

Trying to sit up. We plop her up and she stays put for different amounts of time depending on where we are and what's around her. For example: at the pediatrician she sat for a good few minutes because she loved looking in the mirror. However, if she's on the floor with numerous people/toys surrounding her she falls over almost instantly because she wants to see everything and loses balance.
She is SO curious. It's hilarious. Anything within reach she gets her hands on. We've had numerous spilled drinks, knocked over food, hair pulled, toys thrown, curtains pulled down, etc... already. And she's only gonna get more curious from here on out!
She smiles SO big! We also learned she's kinda shy! If she's in an environment that she doesn't recognize and she can't find mama or dada she does this adorable shy smile while turning her head.
This month she went to Las Vegas, Breckenridge CO, and San Diego!
She had her first plane ride and even though she had a huge meltdown right before the flight, she fell asleep for 45 minutes during and it went perfect! 
She got to meet all my cousins, aunts, uncles, and her great grandma and great grandpa on my side! 
She has also officially met all of hunter's side of the family!
Along with her first airplane ride she also went on her first gondola ride in Colorado!
She had her first day at the beach and was all smiles after napping in my arms.
We're working on giving her more baby food. She loves peas and carrots and doesn't love the fruits as much. Strange kid.
She gets sassier by the day. She learned how to scream at me and get my attention if I'm looking the other way or doing something other than smothering her.
She also figured out if she cries hard enough she will get picked up and she will get her toy back. Smart little cookie.
Sleep is still a bit of an issue. We're working on it and I have high hopes that it can and will get better!
Poor thing is on her third cold in 6 months. What the heck?
She also got a pretty bad case of thrush creating a pretty nasty diaper rash. So Sad! Seriously being a mom is the greatest thing but baby illnesses totally pull at my heart strings.
She's getting huge. Seriously. Her chunky thighs are perfect for pinching, her belly is perfect for squeezing, and her round cheeks are perfect for kissing. In the words of the pediatrician "She's solid." Ha, good word doc.
She tried her first rice cracker and devoured it. It distracted her the entire time I was at Target. I'm not a fast target shopper... score.
She's such a strong little thing. If I pull her up to something she'll stand there by herself for a little bit. I can't believe how big she is!
She loves to be babied and I've been pretty darn good at letting her be babied. Her pediatrician made me aware of that.
I gave her a sippy cup of water and she got so frustrated when I tried to get her to hold it herself. However, when I hold it she guzzles it ha.
She's still wishing so bad she could crawl. If she throws a toy just out of her reach she tries so hard to get to it but ends up frustrated because she can't put her plank swimming and pushing up together. 
She adores her paci these days. As long as its a mam one. I've tried several times giving her a different brand but she's a mam girl all the way.
She loves folding in half and eating her toes.
She blows raspberries SO much and she knows it's funny ha.
She enjoys sucking/chewing on celery, cucumber, carrots, and apples.
She has so much hair and it is just so fun. I put it in a fountain pony tail every day because it just gets in her eyes otherwise. She definitely hasn't lost any of it. Although sometimes it looks like it in the back because she has some awesome dread locks!
She seriously wakes up with the best bed head ever. 
She went in her first baby swing at the park! I'm not sure how she felt about it. She flapped her little "fin" (leg) the whole time. 
She's definitely at her separation anxiety stage so the car seat isn't her favorite place to be since she can't see me. 
One of her favorite activities is going on walks. 
She's a sweet little tummy or side sleeper and if she didn't wake up every time I walked in her room I would watch her sleep every nap. 

I feel like I could go on and on about her at this age.
It is so much fun!
As for me, I'm doing wonderful with this motherhood adventure at the moment.
Some days are definitely more challenging than others (especially with sleep training, ugh.) but I know being a mother is truly the best thing I'll ever do.
I'm still pumping, and even though I said I would stop at 6 months to begin with, I think I can hang on just a little longer.
I love this little girl so much it's crazy.
I already know she's gonna be a sassy little toddler because she has so much personality.
The older Oaklyn gets, the more I love being a mom.
She's my little bestie and her smile lights up my world.
I understand now why everyone tells you it goes so fast.
She truly learns something new everyday and I'm still in denial that my little baby is 10 pounds bigger than she was at birth. 
She is so beautiful and just gets prettier by the day. We're in for it during her teen years.
I just can't imagine life without my favorite tiny person.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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