It's Been a While

Friday, August 21, 2015
I've been absent from random thought posts for a while.
But, let's try this again...
Because me and this blog used to be best friends.
I want that friendship back.

Target is the best place to waste time.
And the best place to spend money you don't have.
There's also a corner bakery coming in the same parking lot as the Orem Target.
I am so happy I could cry!
Not to mention there's a sodalicious right down the street.
It's perfect.

Fall is upon us and I'm much happier than I thought I would be.
I loved summer.
It was filled with warm weather, pool days, family trips, sandals, and my hair in a bun.
Oaklyn and I went to the dollar store the other day. 
The first thing I noticed was the Fall decorations they had out.
Fall decorations are my favorite... well actually Christmas is but Fall makes me so happy!
Seasons in Utah are so fun.

Oaklyn is huge.
I have a big baby.
Wait, take out huge.
I have a baby.
I still cannot believe that I have a baby!

I've been really into making yummy things lately.
I made buttermilk banana bread the other day.
It was so dreamy.
I also made mongolian beef and broccoli for dinner the other day.
I licked the pan clean.

All my old clothes fit again and I'm elated.
I've never used that word before...
But seriously, I love getting dressed again!

Downeast basics had a tent sale this past week.
Seriously I got 5 items for the price of one regular priced dress.
I love clothes!!!

Hunter got a new job.
He's working with BYU football as an intern recruiter.
He loves it.
I love that he loves it.
Football season is coming!

I've just felt really happy lately.
I feel like I have my life mostly under control and that's a great feeling.
Other than occasionally missing random middle of the week date nights with Hunter and a full night of sleep... I am loving motherhood more than ever.
My baby is my BFF and PPD is out the window.
My life is a lot different now, but it's great.
And, I'm happy

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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