The Second Month

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy Two Month Birthday Oaklyn Joy!
As I type this she is currently snoozing away in her swing 
Ha no wait, she literally just woke up after I finished typing that.
Silly girl. 

This month has been so much better than the first month on my end.
I'm so grateful for tomorrow's, because I sure needed quite a few that first month.
We now have a bond, that bond I was so excited for in motherhood
Oaklyn looks at me and I know that she knows me, she stares into my eyes and gives me the biggest smile, it makes me feel like the happiest mother in the world.
Some nights are longer than others, some days are harder than others, but I know that it's absolutely worth it and I finally understand why everyone kept telling me that.

She seems to grow more and more every single day. 
Shes starting to grow out of some of her newborn clothes and it breaks my heart every time I have to put another pair of pants or a onesie away, she'll never fit in them again. that's what I keep having to remember, that she'll never be this little ever again.

She started sleeping in her own crib, in her own room a little over a week ago. So far it's been successful and we've all been sleeping better around here even though it's now taking about four attempts just to get her to fall sleep. We sure love our stubborn little girl

She eats a full 4 ounces every single feeding. 
Oh yeah and I'm still pumping and I still hate it, but I'm also grateful she's getting the nutrition she needs.

We discovered that she loves to take showers little waterbug

She smiles so much now! she stares right at us and flashes the biggest cheesy grin

For the first few weeks of her life I wasn't able to set her down for more than five minutes without her screaming. Now as long as she's fed and all of her needs are met she will stay put for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. it's been much needed for this mama.

We have more of a routine down now, we understand each other, and we have a connection. Our days have become a little more predictable

She absolutely loves stretching, smiling, cooing, eating, and the water
She still super gassy but we find it hilarious and she's a champ at blowing out her diapers.

She's still a motion girl, thank goodness for swings! If I'm lucky, she'll take a good 2-3 hour nap in the middle of the day. I say "lucky" and pretend like I don't stare at her just waiting for her to wake up ;)

All of that luscious hair she has is still going strong and staying put! 
She wakes up with the funniest bed head most days :)

She LOVES to be snuggled in her blankie with her pacifiers for naps. 
She sleeps like a champ at night as long as she's swaddled and ticked away in her sleep sack.
She's also really good at breaking out of it ;)

She melts both of our hearts and we can't imagine life without her alreafyz
She is so fun and is the source of most of our smiles and laughs every day.
Sometimes, while she's sleeping, we'll lay in bed together just looking at pictures of her and laughing at all her funny faces. 
I'm loving watching her grow, but I'm also wishing time would slow down. 
Our tiny baby just keeps getting bigger and even though I'm loving watching her hit each milestone, I can't help but wish life had a pause button. 

Oaklyn Joy Moore, you are loved beyond measure by your mommy and daddy. Never forget it :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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  1. She is adorable! If she is blowing out her diapers often I would suggest moving her up a size even if she isn't over the weight limit for them. We had that problem with Hudson, and as soon as we moved him up a size the blow outs stopped. Just a suggestion that I was given that worked for us :)