Be Strong With Me

Monday, June 23, 2014
You know that Jenny Phillips song, Be Strong With Me?
Well, it has actually been stuck in my head quite a bit lately haha.
I used to blast Jenny Phillips in my car many Sundays that I still wasn't aloud to go to church.
Because of that, I have just about every word memorized to every song.
I used to sing it thinking about the wonderful friends I have and how much they helped me in my conversion.
I was singing it earlier this morning and realized that I still can apply it in married life.
I get to be strong with my best friend, and have him supporting me right by my side. Always.
And that sure makes the days seem a bit easier, the burdens feels a little less heavy, and the trials a little less scary.
"You and I, we need each other To stay on the Lord's side Wherever we are"

I'm so grateful for a wonderful husband that always puts the Lord before anything else and helps me remember to do so as well.
Thank you lovebug, for being strong with me. 
You sure make life so much Moore enjoyable :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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