Miles of Joy

Saturday, April 19, 2014
Hey look!
The blog changed... a bit.

I had been debating whether or not to create an entire new blog when we got married.
I liked the idea of starting a newlywed blog.
It would be a clean fresh start.
Then I stopped myself upon realizing that it would just be easier to keep it all collected in one spot.
I still have a little fixing up to do but I thought I would let you in on the reasoning behind the title.

For the Joy of Life:
That's been around since the beginning.
The reason I started this blog was simply for a place to document all the joys life brings.
Though there are occasionally posts on the more dreary side, that's all a part of life too!
Some days I will literally sit staring at my computer screen for an hour re-reading old posts laughing, and remembering each memory.
I love this whole blogging thing. 

Miles of Joy:
My husband's full name is Hunter Miles Moore.
Side note: I used to call him Hunter Smiles back in the day  
My full name is Aleigh Joy Moore.
Since day one we loved using our middle names in regular conversation.
It just felt more personal and loving.
When I began rearranging the blog and figuring out how to incorporate Hunter into it I knew I wanted to add a subtitle using our middle names. 
Miles of Joy came to my mind quickly and it had a pretty nice ring to it.
We've already experienced so much joy in our lives but we have Miles Moore to go and this is the place I will be documenting it. 
The other day I noticed Hunter wrote something on our whiteboard.
I actually began to tear up as I read:
"Together we will create Miles of Joy"
Yes lovebug, That we will :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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