A whole lot of nothing

Monday, April 7, 2014
I'm bored and I have some thoughts.
Here goes it!

Today we joined our checking accounts.
I also activated my credit card I've had for almost a year.
We're still pretty clueless about a lot.
Like taxes.
But that's okay because our parents do still exist and we have some awesome friends that help lots.
Our list of "to do's" gets longer by the day.
Welcome to adulthood!

I've recently discovered that listening to the same music I loved when Hunter and I were not married people makes me incredibly emotional. I would day dream about what it would be like to be a married woman and have my lovebug to snuggle anytime of the day and sometimes my heart would even begin to race as I wished for those dreams to come true.
All of a sudden I'm in the thick of it and living my wildest dreams, and well... it's pretty fantastic.
Remember when we were 14 and 15 and called ourselves "just besties" and only dreamed about waking up in each other's arms? 
Marry your best friend people :)

Decorating can be fun, and overwhelming. 
But mostly fun
I suddenly am 10 times happier living in Utah than I was two weeks ago just because there are curtains covering the windows, a new rug by the couches, pictures on the walls, and endless kitchen supplies. 
I think I might actually like it here!
The sun is also shining today so that could easily be adding to this happy streak.
Ask me if I still like it here when the weather decides to be bi-polar again and we'll see what I'm thinking. 

I've recently discovered a love for honey wheat pancakes.
I under cook them and make way more than I need to.
The leftovers go in the freezer so I can pop them in the toaster later on.
We also got a griddle as a wedding gift and I like making excuses to use it. 
I made some for dinner tonight because Hunter went to Ruby River with some team mates and he's the only married one so I wasn't invited since that might create some awkwardness. 
Whatever... I enjoyed my pancakes even though the smoke alarm went off.
I promise I'm a good cook!

I got a job!
I work at a day care, and it's hectic and awesome at the same time.
Some days we'll have 20 kids from the ages of 5 months to 5 years with only 3 of us older people and I kinda want to rip my hairs out when the older boys wake up the sleeping babies.
Some days the wee ones fall asleep in my arms and my heart melts into a giant puddle and I never want to leave them.
Not to mention it's at a hair/esthetician school where I get 50% off services.
Such as pedicures, eyebrow waxing, hair cuts... 
yeah it's kinda cool!

Hunter and I have a calling as primary subs.
We usually don't know which class we'll be teaching until we get to church.
I love it!
We've taught all different age groups and each of them bring new surprises.
Hunter likes the older ones best so far because he can actually teach a lesson.
I like snuggling the sun beams and playing. 
We make a pretty good pair ;) 
We've also already given a talk in our ward and another ward and that's pretty cool.
I like speaking more than I let on :)

I should probably clean up my pancake mess now.
I should also probably not have pancakes for dinner...
Well, that's all for now!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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  1. I saw you walking near Temple Square on Saturday with your hubs! I was like "OoOh, I'm preeetty freakin' sure she's on the MG page and I just recently followed her blog" to my fiance, haha.