One Week of Marriage

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

As of Saturday, we have been married for one whole week :)
That's one week out of hundreds of blissful weeks to come!
I took a "preparation for eternal marriage" institute class the semester before Hunter came home from his mission.
I LOVED that class and strongly encourage every young adult to take it.
Maybe I just had some really great teachers, but it really helped me understand how important it is to do all you can to make your marriage last for time and all eternity and not just for the short time we have on earth.
I am planning on making another blog post with my remembrance of our big day but that's a post for another day. 
Especially because I already hardly remember the day anyways...
Funny how that works isn't it?
All this planning, hard work, money, and preparation goes into one day out of your whole life and it's hard to even remember. 
Wanna know what I do remember though?
The way that Hunter looked at me as we knelt across the altar of the temple and were not only married, but also sealed for time and all eternity. 
I looked into his eyes and saw true love and happiness through the tears we were both trying to push back. 
My heart was completely full and I knew he was all I will ever need on this earth. 
Well, until little mini's begin running around our home. 
Anyhow, I might forget what the centerpieces looked like, how the cake tasted, who came, what presents we got, or how I felt in my dress...
But, I'll never ever forget the calm, loving, happy feeling I felt inside the temple on our wedding day. 
That was the beginning to our eternal marriage, and I couldn't have asked for a better start. 

In celebration of our little week-iversary we had a lovely little weekend together.
It began Friday night when we decided on getting Dairy Queen Blizzards and watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Too bad we made it a whole 30 minutes into the movie before we fell asleep. On Saturday our day started at the Provo temple where my heart grew two sizes bigger for that handsome man of mine. We went back home for lunch and started to plan out our night. We went to dinner at chili's (I highly recommend their chicken crispers) then watched a cute musical at BYU that happened to also count for points in one of Hunter's classes. Score. We both have a hard time sitting still but really enjoyed the show. On the way home we stopped at Macey's and got cookies and cream ice cream which I ate right out of the carton :) On Sunday we both received callings and were asked to give a talk next week!
It was a good weekend indeed :)

And now, we're on to our second week of marriage and life couldn't be better.
Minus the fact that I woke up to snow on the ground this morning...
I'm slowly adjusting to Utah life, and easily adjusting to married life with my best friend :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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