Merry LAST Christmas apart :)

Friday, December 20, 2013
I can't believe this time has come!
My package making days have come to an end.
Last Christmas, it seemed as if there would never be an end in sight, and all of a sudden it snuck right up on me!
It was definitely bittersweet putting this package together.
Though I have missed that sweet, cute, amazing, handsome, perfect in every way (haha sorry, not sorry) missionary of mine, I have really really enjoyed getting in touch with my crafty side and putting packages together for him. 
Of course it was much much more sweet than bitter when I dropped that box off at the post office stuffed to the brim. 
Oh, and get this!
The sweet man in front of me did a wonderful random act of kindness and paid for my package to be shipped!
Gosh, what a way to end my package making days :)
So, I got slightly lazy with this package.
I'll admit it.
Work has been killing me and everyone comes home for the holidays so I'm quite the busy bee.
Therefore, I stayed up into the wee hours of the night with work at 6 in the morning to finish that amazing Elder Moore's package. 
Reminds me of high school when I used to stay up until 1 in the morning making his locker decorations for Friday's game with a pep rally the next morning. 
I must really really really love him :)
So here you go my friends!
The last package in  pictures :)
(Which I almost forgot to take! What??)

Some moccasins to keep his feet toasty!
The shirts: One is for him to keep. The other is to start a mission tradition! The shirt gets passed on to the next Elder (or sister) that goes home. They sign their name and the years they were out and then it gets passed on until someone loses it or forgets haha. 

Tie shopping is my favorite sport :)

He requested that I stop sending him very many sweets after last year's Easter package butttt, these are minimal :)

The fillers.
Thank you dollar section. 

Winter essentials. 

Matching mugs for us to have forever :)
I kept the H and he as the A to remind us of each other during our last Christmas apart :)
Oh, and yes our initials are totally HA. As in Haha.

All put together!
They definitely shrunk the flat rate boxes.
Not too thrilled about that.
At least this was the last package!

I mean, how do you draw mistletoe anyways?

The face of a very tired, very excited Aleigh to send off the LAST package!!! :)

Well there you have it my friends!
Goodbye package making days!
I can't decide if you will be missed haha.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. Hey, I was wondering where you got those mission shirts? I'm trying to find one for my missionary, but I can't!

    1. I actually custom made them! So I just bought the plain white shirts then brought the design to a printing shop and they did the rest! It wasn't too expensive either.

    2. They look awesome! I'll have to try that :) Thanks so much!