Merry and Bright

Sunday, December 8, 2013
I've had my Christmas decorations up since the middle of November, but since its now legal I figured I would post some pictures!
Since I don't have a house to decorate, I did all I could with my room.
Turning the lights on my mini tree, changing my countdown, and smelling my candles make me feel so happy and warm. 
Christmas really is the best time. 
(side note: that precious snow globe is a family heirloom from my grandma. It's also a music box. Apparently I used to go around her house turning on every music box and I would play with every snow globe, hence the reason it is now mine! I love it!) 

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  1. that is a beautiful snow globe. have you heard of the blog deercircus? she recently posted a tutorial on how to make diy snowglobes in mason jars and they are the cutest thing EVER!