Flashback Friday

Friday, November 16, 2012
Around this time last year I was one of the happiest girls in the entire world. Hunter was away at college, and I was back here at home. We called each other once a week, sometimes more but that was rare and strictly for important reasons. Provo started to get colder and it was hard for us to find a good time to talk. He never got reception in his room and would stand outside in the cold just to talk to me. I could usually hear his heavy breathing trying to make sure his fingers wouldn't go numb, or from him pacing back and forth keeping his warm blood flowing through his body. I felt bad, but he insisted on it. I would say, "Hunter Miles you are going to get sick lets just talk for a little bit" and he would say "Noooo, I just wanna talk to youuu. I'm fine I promise" Therefore, he would stand in the cold for hours on end because we just couldn't hang up the phone. I loved those phone calls. I will always cherish them. I would get so giddy and smile the whole time I could hear his voice. It was as if time stood still and there wasn't another care in the world because we had our time together no matter how far apart we were. Every time we spoke we would somehow get to talking about how marvelous it would be if I came up there to see him. He got tickets to every home game for free and wanted me to go to at least one so badly. It always seemed so far out of reach being that I was still in high school and the obvious... where the heck would I stay? Then one day after totally zoning out in class and staring at my calendar mentally crossing out the days until Hunter would be home, I was struck with the most marvelous plan. Audrey friend goes to Utah every Thanksgiving so I could just go up with her, stay at her grandparents, drive home with Hunter, and be home for Thanksgiving! It was perfect. The only problem, if I went with them I wouldn't be able to go to the game... This was one of those moments of urgency I was talking about so I called sweet boy. He didn't answer. I left a voice mail and went to work. He called me back, I didn't answer. I got off work and couldn't wait to get home to call him back. I parked in a random parking lot and called. He answered on the first ring thinking something was wrong, oops. I explained "the plan." He was a fan and I was giggling with excitement as he threw out ideas. We brilliantly decided it was possible for me to make the drive alone... Yeah father shot that down instantly and even offered to pay for part of the plane ticket as long as I didn't drive. I immediately went online and found reasonably priced tickets. Here's where more problems arrive. The airport is in Salt Lake, sweet boy is in Provo without a car. Also, the game is at 8 and the only arrival times are 1 and 7:30. We went with the one o'clock and he used his room mates car. The week before my flight I planned out outfits and checked the weather every day. I would go downstairs to show my family and say, "what about this one, too much?"
The night of my flight I couldn't sleep. I was nervous to see Hunter after a while and just anxious to get there! The flights went lovely and I even met a sweet mother with a darling baby boy. I landed and my heart pounded. I went to the nearest bathroom to check my makeup and my hair and then called to let him know I landed. I walked out and our eyes met. We both instantly had smiles upon our faces. My thought process was "Drop all of your bags run over there and jump in his arms!" However, I played it cool and casually "fast walked" over to the car. We couldn't stop giggling and smiling in the car. We listened to Christmas music and sang along to every song. That night we went to the football game and I met a bunch of his friends. It was so weird to actually see them in person rather than hear stories on the phone. They would always say, "Hey is this your girl you always talk about?? Nice to meet you, I've heard great things," Oh I was just on cloud nine :) I was only in Utah for about three and a half days but in that amount of time we managed to go to a football game, go to temple square, go to church, eat at the cannon center, have FHE with his brother and sister in law, eat at cafe rio, meet a ton of his friends, go to deseret book, play in the snow at random parks, and have dinner at auds grandparents house. It was the perfect little trip. In my opinion, it was much needed too. Then we got to spend the rest of Thanksgiving break in California. Oh the memories. Can you tell I'm missing him this holiday season? It doesn't help that I just looked through all the pictures from that trip. Such a happy time. Best idea ever.

Here are the lovely pictures from the joyous occasion. 
My ticket! :)

This was actually on the ride home. He found my broken sunglasses and loved wearing them ha

Going home!

The Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl!

After the turkey bowl :)

He came to the football game as an alumni :)

That face :)

The cheerleaders threw this t shirt and he was cold, so this is what happened :)

aww happiness

Salt Lake Temple :)

My two bestest friends :)


Just playing some corn hole in auds grandparents basement :)
He thought I got my sweater on sale...

Reminiscing is good for the soul.

All my love,

Aleigh Joy

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