A Thankful Heart: #3

Saturday, November 17, 2012
Am I seriously already writing another post??
Where in the world did November go?
I feel as though I am ALWAYS saying time goes by too quickly, yet I'm always wanting it to speed up.
I should really learn how to make up my mind...
Next week my sweet Samantha friend comes to hangout with me!
This week was quite delightful.
I felt like a VERY big girl.
Not size wise... age wise.
Although, "that time of the month" does make me feel pretty large and in charge.
'Tis the season to gain a few pounds.
Speaking of Christmas I made an ornament wreath today that I am quite proud of and my work put up our Christmas decorations! It's never too early.
And speaking of being a big girl, I went to the doctor all by myself on Monday. I made the appointment, paid the copay, signed in, did a blood test, and all that jazz alone.
I also opened the store all by MYSELF on Friday :)
I'm feeling proud.
Please don't knock me off my high horse.
Anyways let's get on with this show:

(Cliche? Maybe a tad, but really. Love truly does make the world go round. It's an amazing thing that can make anybody's heart grow 3 times the average size or say the most mushy gushy stuff. Love is essential in life. It's how families are created. It makes people feel happy, important, and loved. The love of a mother can make a child stop crying instantaneously, the love of a good friend can console a broken heart, the love of a spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend makes your heart melt. The reason this made the list this week is because I saw an elderly couple at the doctor on Monday. They hobbled their way over to some chairs arm in arm. They held hands and giggled just like newlyweds would. They kept their eyes locked on each other even though there were several others in the waiting room. The old man had to go to the bathroom so he got up, looked at his cute wife and said, "see ya later alligator!" She giggled again and said "In a while crocodile!" They grinned at each other, the old man winked, and she watched him walk away until they couldn't see each other any longer. It was precious, and my heart completely melted. THAT is how love should be! Forever should never be long enough with the one you love. It was so amazing to see a strong couple like that even in this crazy world we live in. Love takes work, but it is so worth it. "Choose your love. Love your choice." -Thomas S. Monson)

2) The Post Office
(What the heck would I do these 2 years if it weren't for the post office. Thank you thank you thank you mail man for delivering Hunter and I's love notes. They sure do make a difference.)

3) My Sunbeams
(Oh my goodness, I love those kids. In one Sunday they can melt my heart, make me want to pull my hair out, and teach me more than I could ever possibly teach them. Without even realizing it they teach me the most wonderful lessons. I was worried when I got this calling that I wouldn't get the same feeling after church that I used to chasing little 3 and 4 year olds around rather than hearing lessons in young women's or relief society. Boy was I wrong. I am completely spiritually fed after church in a completely different way. The lessons for the sunbeams are so simple and perfect. They are the things we as adults would just kinda overlook. It helps me sit down and really ponder the simple but just as important parts of the gospel. I love hearing them pray. When I ask who wants to say the opening prayer every single one of them raises their hands in hopes that they get to say it. They thank Heavenly Father for the most precious things. I can truly see the light of Christ in their eyes as they speak to me with pure love. I had one little girl tell me that Jesus makes her feel happy, and fuzzy. What better way to explain how the spirit feels? She hit the nail on the head. I love when they tell me they want to be reverent, or the sweet snuggles I get during sharing time. I love them so dearly!)

4) Laughter
(I have always been told that my laugh is contagious. My brother says it constantly, so do my coworkers. I find it kinda annoying quite honestly... When I really get going I make this weird noise where I'm gasping for another breath. But hey, it's original right? :) I love the belly laughs people do when something realllyy makes them happy. I laugh at almost anything, I would much rather laugh my way through life than be upset. Sometimes I laugh at the most inappropriate times because nearly everything is funny to me. I.E: At one of my brothers football games one of the players got tackled out of bounds and totally took one of the student trainers out! It was so great! He nailed her and water bottles went flying! I bursted out into laughter then realized I needed to stop when others looked at me like a cruel mutant species. Whatever, I had my mother laughing right alongside me and it's better to laugh it off anyways :) I think I'll keep laughing my way through life.)

5) My Hair
(Kay, I don't want to sound conceited like at all but I really do like my hair. It's long and wavy and does just about anything I want it to except dry how I would like it. I have a lion mane and that is all I will say about that.)

Yay! Another week of thanks :)
Are you ready to stuff your faces with turkey and mashed potatoes? 
I know I am!
Do you know of any awesome black Friday deals?
Do share...

All my love, 
Aleigh Joy

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