Right Here Waiting.

Monday, August 13, 2012
 This Sweet Boy Has Been Gone For... 

and two days :)

Can you believe it? I know I can't. I remember his farewell so clearly, I remember being glued to his side at his farewell open house so profoundly, and I remember saying goodbye to him and never wanting to let go like it was yesterday, definitely not 7 months ago... We have 17 more months until we get to be reunited again. Oh the anticipation is just killing me!
I LOVE sending and receiving letters. Every time I get one my heart jumps for joy and I scream a little inside :) Mostly for holidays, but also just for fun when I'm missing him, I'll send a package to brighten up his day! The last package I sent was for Easter, it was pretty much a huge Easter basket. Since there has been a long break between holidays, I decided to send him a "just because I love you" package the other day. I was pretty excited about its contents :)
The whole package, which probably wont look like this by the time it arrives in Ohio

The card. I hope he appreciates the colors as much as I do!

Two of his favorite chips with Ecclesiastes 2:24 attached

Priesthood Powerade

A new tie with Proverbs 3:3 on it

 "Chews the right" on a packet of orbit "You are a Lifesaver to the people in Ohio" on a package of lifesavers and  Matthew 25:21 on a pack or riddles skittles

A Sports quotes book by John Bytheway and 2 bookmarks I made to go with it :)

There was also some cheesy lovey dovey notes and cute pictures haha :)

It's so fun to put packages together and hear how happy it made him when he opened it. These past 7 months have honestly flown by, I sure hope the next 17 will as well.

Have a magnificent day!

All my love,
-Aleigh Joy


  1. Ah, the packages! I remember these days! So much fun. Hard, but good and so worth it. I'm sure he will LOVE the package. I loved sending them and also receiving them. I can relate to this so well. :) Hang in there, it really does fly by! I remember sending letters like it was yesterday and now we've been married almost 3 years and have a crazy little boy. Hope you're doing well!

    1. Aww Kelsey it's always good to hear from others who have been through the whole waiting for a missionary situation. I think we all understand each other :) I'm so glad you and Riley worked put, its cute couples like you guys that help me remember its worth it :)