Christmas Family Traditions

Monday, November 30, 2020

 Woohoo! Tomorrow is December 1st! Can you believe it? This year is a weird mix of fast/short days, weeks, and months. I keep feeling like each day just creeps by with how different everything currently feels, yet I also keep saying "I can't believe it's already ____." We decorated for Christmas the first week of November 😅  So, we've been in the Christmas spirit for a while now... buttt now that the rest of the world is starting to celebrate, it feels even more festive! We were out of town for Thanksgiving so December really snuck up on me. Now I'm realizing some of our Christmas traditions start tomorrow and I thought I'd share with the rest of you in case you're looking for a few more things to add to your list. This first post is just all the traditions I like to do during the month of December. A few of these things may look a little different this year but I'm sure there are ways to make them fun still!

A Few Notes:
-I'll be doing a whole post on the Elf on the Shelf! Honestly, I just started this last year and I love it soo much. I know people have mixed feelings about it so my goal is to help you love it!
-25 Days of Christ is seriously the best! We started this a couple years ago after I started realizing my kids were focusing much more on gifts than on the real meaning of Christmas. Sure, the gifts are fun. The lights are pretty. The cookies are yummy... but I really want them to feel the REAL Christmas spirit which comes from Christ. When I wanted to start this tradition the real sets were completely sold out. Soo I decided to make my own! Personally, I think you should just buy it because it was a ton of work and their ornaments are so classy. My kids love my homemade ones for now but at some point I plan to purchase them here. Each night you learn a new story about Christ and it's just the best. I HIGHLY recommend.
-We like to make our lists in November because I do a lot of early shopping... but we love to address them to Santa and stick them in the mailbox. When the kids go to bed I take them out and hide them so I have them and they have the magic of their lists really making it to Santa!
-We usually look at lights about a week before Christmas. I love to plan out our route and give the girls a few Christmas treats. We listen to our fav Christmas tunes between streets and get out to look at the lights on really festive streets. When we get home, we make hot chocolate and watch another movie on the list.
-My mother in law thought of the tradition to go caroling and I think we'll keep with it! In my church we are assigned a few people to "minister" to so we usually do them, but I love the idea of deciding as a family who you go see. I like making a few different types of treats (Oreo truffles, peppermint cookies, and Christmas crack) and putting them in treat boxes. We also make cards for the families.
-Each year me, Oaks (cam would've come this year for the first year), my mom, and my sister all go see the Nutcracker by the California ballet. We all get dressed up, curl hair, and I even let Oaks wear a little makeup! Oaks gets to pick out a new ornament for her tree and she loves it! Afterwards we go out to eat and just have a fun girls day. This year I can't find a single showing of the Nutcracker so we may have to get creative and watch it on tv or something.
-I love finding little wood crafts that the girls can paint each year. They love to decorate for Christmas but I'm very particular about my decor so they both have their own mini tinsel trees (here's where the Nutcracker ornaments come into play) and their painted wood crafts from each year that go in their room so they can "decorate" too. 
-Christmas Sunday is a special day for us (The Sunday before Christmas) It's the day our church services feel extra Christmasy. I remember being SO excited when I found out Oaks was a girl literally for the sole reason that she would get to wear a Christmas dress, ha! When I found out I was having a second girl I got even more excited for matching dresses! The girls loveee getting all gussied up in their Christmas Sunday clothes. That evening we have a fancy meal. We spend Christmas Eve with Hunter's family and Christmas Day with my family so I love using Christmas Sunday as a day for me to do what I want for Christmas. I love making a special type of meat and lots of fancy sides like Ruth's Chris potatoes au gratin, rolls and cinnamon butter, balsamic asparagus, etc... I also love to create a fancy centerpiece from fresh Christmas tree clippings. This is also the day we make and decorate sugar cookies. It keeps them fresh for Santa on Christmas Eve!
-When the girls wake up on Christmas Eve Hunter brings festive donuts for breakfast. Then they find a present under the tree from our elf on the shelf. Inside is our matching family jammies with a goodbye letter to the girls since she goes back to the North Pole with Santa that night. Hunter's mom always does a family Christmas Eve party that evening with a special dinner, we all act out the nativity, we do a few games, and do a gift exchange. It's always so much fun! Once it's time for bed the girls get in their new jammies and Hunter reads the story of Christ's birth. Afterwards Hunter looks up where Santa is (Just look on google) and the girls do their "Santa Dance" because they're excited. After that we set out milk and cookies plus carrots for the reindeer and send the girls off to bed. After everyone goes to bed I make my Christmas morning soufflé so it's ready to bake in the morning. Hunter and I also set out the Santa present, make a letter from Santa to the girls, make his footprints, eat part of the cookies, etc... I love the feel of Christmas Eve!
-Also, this year I want to go through the girl's toys and have each of them find at least 10 toys to donate to kids in need. 

So there ya have it! There's our traditions! Let me know if you have any more questions and let me know what your favorite family traditions are! 

All my love,
Aleigh Joy 


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