A Little Life Update

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I used to do these often and then just kinda fell off of it when my life got insane. Last year I decided to coach cheer at my old high school. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and it ended up taking over my life, ha. In a good way... most of the time! Blogging is truly one of my passions and something I love doing, but there just weren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. Sooo blogging ended up getting cut from the lineup. Sad. I'm really hoping to make more time for it now though because I love and miss it! I've been getting quite a few messages on Instagram asking how we're doing and if something happened to make me stop sharing and posting as much. The answer is that nothing happened but life just got a lot busier. So, here's a little catch up post to hopefully answer my most asked questions as well as share just what we're up to!

-Working at GA still and excelling. I never doubted or worried about him but he just keeps getting incredible performance reviews. Good job Hunter!
-Working from home during this quarantine and being so good being patient with the little ones running around crazy all the time, haha. 
-Teaches Sunday school to the 12 and 13 year olds at church. I've had the opportunity to sit in during a few lessons and he is a wonderful teacher. I'm so grateful he's the one helping me teach our children!
-Coached the JV basketball team at our old high school last season. I didn't get to go to many of his games since I was coaching at the varsity games but from the few I did get to see and the practices I got to see him in action at, I can tell that's yet another thing he's a rockstar at. 
-Wakes up around 6am even when he doesn't set an alarm. Ha, he gets most everything done before I even wake up!

-Finished up my first year coaching varsity and competition cheer. We actually got cut short due to the quarantine. I was sad to have things end so abruptly but still made lots of wonderful memories over the year. Yes, year. Cheer is completely year round which makes it much different than other sports. We started in May and would've gone til April if the quarantine didn't happen. Tryouts are ion the Spring. We practice over the summer, start competition practice in the Fall. Cheer for football in the Fall. Work on halftime routines and pep rally routines in the Fall. Compete in the Winter. Cheer for basketball in the Winter. Finish with any school performances in the Spring.
-Got called to being an advisor in Young Women's at church. I was really enjoying getting to know the girls and spending time with them. Hoping we can return to that soon!
-Doing little homeschool lessons with Oaks to fill our time up now that preschool is done.
-Remembering how much I love cooking now that I have time to again!

-Finished up her second year of preschool. It obviously ended sooner than we thought it would but we're looking forward to her starting Kindergarten in the Fall. She made some really awesome little friends and learned SO much!
-Taking hip hop classes and honestly... not totally loving it, ha! I thought she would since it's faster paced but she just keeps saying she wants to be a cheerleader. I can't blame her since she was surrounded by it constantly for the past year. She's currently doing her classes virtually and we are really hoping the recital will still happen this June. 
-Turned 5 in February. (WHAT)
-In CTR 4 at church and we are LOVING seeing her in Primary Programs. 
-Acts like a teenager and is definitely giving us a run for our money. But, she is also very thoughtful and kind when she wants to be... ha. 

-2.5! She will be turning 3 in August and I literally cannot believe it. These last 2.5 years have actually flown by.
-Grows an inch of hair each day, I swear. Her hair is gorgeous!
-Such an active little squirt but also such a snuggle bug. She loves to be held and snuggled in a blanket next to anyone she loves.
-Working on potty training. She's doing amazing with pee! Poop however has been quite a struggle...
-Still taking a nap but figured out how to climb out of the crib. And how to open doors... I may or may not have found her in the backyard during nap time. Don't worry, we figured out how to contain her 😓 
-She's still an easy, happy go lucky child with a hint of sass now. She's such a funny little stinker and her vocabulary is becoming hilarious. 

As for a family update... we are still living in San Diego but are planning on moving next summer! Where? Not totally sure yet. We're pretty sure we know where but nothing is set in stone. We'll definitely share more during the process of moving and are getting really excited for a change! As for now, we're enjoying where we're at and are trying to take things day by day rather than wishing time would speed up. There's a lot to be grateful for right now so we're trying hard not to be too anxious! I feel like the most asked question I get is, when will there be Baby Moore #3? Haha! The answer is, we absolutely want more kids! We're very excited to have more kids but it just hasn't felt like the right timing. We definitely don't feel done at two, but we're also not in a rush for three. I guess time will tell... ha! Sorry there isn't more exciting news there. 😉 

Here's to hoping this isn't the last post for a while... I'm going to work on posting more, yay! Let me know anything you guys want to see more of!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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