Easter Tablescape Using Pieces From Around Your Home

Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Easter Countdown is on! Are you ready?? Honestly, this year it totally snuck up on me. I treally thought I had at least another week and it turns out this is the last week soooo... oops! This whole week I've been scrambling to find my girls matching Easter dresses for church and it was ridiculous how many stores I had to go to just to find some that are decently priced and decently cute. Alas, I found some and all is well in my 4 year old's world. As far as their Easter baskets go, I at least have the baskets... Clearly I have a busy next few days... 

I preach all the time that holidays will be as special as you make them. As the mom, or dad, or grandparent, or whoever you are reading this... you have the power to make your holiday as special as you want it to be. I personally try to make every holiday have a special meal. Some examples are heart shaped pizzas on Valentine's Day, a BBQ on the 4th of July, a fancy Christmas dinner, a chili dinner on Halloween, etc... Everyone does Easter a little bit differently but the most common meals are Easter dinner and Easter brunch. While I'm obsessed with Christmas, Easter is quickly becoming my favorite holiday to decorate for. I looooveee spring colors. The muted pinks and soft yellows mixed with robin's egg blue and sage green are just gorgeous with all the white and cream. I decorate my home with mostly white and grey and other muted colors so this holiday is so easy for me to just grab things I already have [or what my mom has ;) ] For this tablescape I chose to make the middle of the table a statement of all things Spring. I collected cake stands my mom and I already had, greenery we already had, bunnies we already had, and then just arranged them all together to look extra springy and extra well... EXTRA! The only penny I spent was on the silverware pockets which are from the Target Dollar Spot and were literally $1 for 8. So what should you be looking for around your house to make a pretty Easter tablescape? Start with a tablecloth. My mother in law had this rose pink one and some vintage lace doilies I threw in the middle. If you don't have one, go grab one from the dollar store for a dollar. They always have SO many colors. You can also go to a local thrift store. They have the best priced linens and a lot of them are super unique. If you want to invest in a tablecloth, here's a cheap option. Next up find some chargers and dishes. I used my moms white dishes because mine are still boxed up but here's an affordable option for white beaded plates that work for any occasion! The chargers are also my mom's but Amazon has a ton of galvanized charger options! I also just used some regular silverware in a paper pocket from the dollar spot. These would be super easy to make too! My mom had these adorable place card holders and I searched the internet for more with no luck... however I did find these adorable wood round place card holders as well as these burlap bow ones! Next Up you're going to want to find all the vases, cake stands, greenery, light colored florals, and other Easter/Spring decor from around your house. If you don't have any florals or greenery... head outside or to the store! I'm sure you'll be able to find bushes, trees, and other wild flowers in your yard to arrange together. If not, trader joe's, sprouts, and other grocery stores have great flowers for cheap! Baby's breath is one of my favorite cheap Spring options. Don't have any vases or cake stands?? Head to your nearest dollar store or thrift store! The dollar store always has vases that are begging to be spray painted and you can make your own cake stands by buying a plate, a candle holder, glass glue, and some white spray paint! I made some for Oaklyn's first birthday party and have used them numerous times since. When arranging, just let the creative juices flow. Work with the different heights and designs you have. I added some inspo photos below and hope that it gets you excited for your own Easter brunch of dinner! I'd love to see photos of what you come up with, so send them my way! 

All my love, 
Aleigh Joy


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