Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

Saturday, November 17, 2018

When it comes to holidays, one of the very first things I think about is the meal. With the meal comes a pretty tablescape. Most holidays are spent with our families and even though I'm really grateful for that, I honestly crave being able to style the table. We're a little ways away from being able to host these holidays at our own home, so for now I like to make a special meal the Sunday before the actual holiday so I can still have fun with decorations. I tried to make this tablescape as easy to recreate as possible and quick to put together. 

So here's what you'll need:
-A white or cream lace tablecloth. If you want one for cheap, most thrift stores have awesome linens for like a couple bucks!
-Mini Cream pumpkins (I found mine at a local grocery store for 25 cents each. I got some orange ones too and thought about spray painting them, but that seemed like more work than I wanted to put in haha!)
-One large cream pumpkin. Or a couple large ones... that would be even prettier! Mine is just a craft pumpkin I've had for a while from Michaels. I added the glitter dots. 
-Tall candlesticks. Both of these are my moms and I love them so much! But these would also be perfect. 
- Eucalyptus branches. We have tonssss of eucalyptus trees around here and I'm thanking my lucky stars! I love the silver dollar leaves but I thought the skinnier ones would lay well for a table like this. If you don't have eucalyptus near by honestly any form of greenery will work. 
- Orange and red leaves. I just grabbed a few from a tree at my parents house. They're pretty tiny and I liked it that way.
-Wood chargers. Kay, these are my moms and they're incredible. Hers are from World Market but LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND! They have really similar ones from wait for it... Dollar Tree! Here's the link! 
- The beaded plates are also my mom's and I'm not sure where she found them but I have some very similar from the dollar store. I don't think they sell them right now, but keep an eye out! In the meantime, here's some cute ones from Target. 
- Some pretty glasses. And believe it or not, they totally have those at the Dollar Store too! But here's some from Target also! 
- And last but not least, some silverware! I'm sure you all already have some but if not, go with gold. Holy moly these would be gorgeous for Thanksgiving! 

As far as styling goes, first lay your tablecloth down. I then placed my chargers and plates to know how much room I'd have for the centerpiece. I just used a 6 ft table so most dining tables will definitely have more space but setting the plates first will still help. I then made my eucalyptus runner and then just started placing the rest! It hardly took any time and was super festive and fun! I think the reason I love holidays so much is because I love having the creative side of my brain have fun with this sort of stuff. I promise if you make holidays special, they will feel soo much more special!

I really hope you all have a wonderful holiday. I also want you all to know how grateful I am for each of you! Your constant love and support means so much to our family! xoxo

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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