You + Me and What We've Learned As a Family

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hunter and I went to run a quick errand yesterday, just the two of us.
As we got out of the car and started walking towards the store, I kept feeling like I was missing something or had forgotten something.
As I thought about it more, I realized it was because we didn't have kids in tow.
We were able to just get out of the car and walk straight towards the store.
No meltdown from Oaklyn about not wanting to sit in the cart, no trying to decide if we should use the cart or the stroller for both girls, no diaper bag, no snacks to keep them occupied... we literally just got out of the car and ran our errand.
We talked about how funny it is that everything becomes more difficult when you have kids.
The simplest things in life become the most challenging and suddenly everyday things require a whole lot more planning and thinking. 

Hunter jokingly said, "can you imagine how easy life would be if it was just me and you?" 
We both chuckled and continued on, but I thought about it some more.
Holy cow, it really would be WAY easier!
I would be able to work full time and therefore, saving for a house would be way easier.
We would get to eat dinner in silence and maybe even enjoy our meal, ha!
We would be able to go on date nights, any night.
We'd be able to sleep through the night, take more vacations, spend more time together, invest more time in hobbies, and probably have a little more sanity if we're being totally honest... 
There's a lot of life changes that come with a bundle of joy.
There's a lot of time and energy spent on taking care of them when you would much rather take care of yourself. 
There's a whole lot more hard moments and ten times more whining and crying.
Truthfully, life would be a lot easier without kids.
But, that doesn't mean it would be better...

Life as just me and you, was delightful.
It was carefree and fun, it was spontaneous and exciting, and it was a time that will forever be a happy memory to me.
But, we have added two little people to our family and have dreams to add more. 
They have brought challenges, that's for sure, but they have also brought more joy than we ever would have experienced had we not chosen to have them.
Children are supposed be challenging.
They're supposed to make you grow and think outside of yourself.
They are supposed to teach us what we need to learn to become better and stronger.
Caring for someone else who completely depends on you, is the absolute best way to learn the attributes of our Savior.
Hunter and I have probably lost a few brain cells since we have become parents, haha, but we have gained experiences and perspectives that no university or job will ever teach.
So to any newlyweds or expecting parents... one day you'll have a child or two or a few that change most everything. 
So cherish the time you have now and keep those memories of just the two of you engrained forever, but never lose sight of the importance of being parents.
The day to day life gets "harder" but trust me, it actually is better.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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