A Little Life Update

Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Hi friends!
It's been a hot minute since I've sat down and typed out some sort of update.
Life has been exceptionally busy lately!
Even though I like when I'm busy, it can also be overwhelming and the first thing that gets pushed to the back burner is blogging... sad!
However, I've had quite a few of you message me asking what's happening in our life currently so I figured I'd at least pop in here for a second and give a little update!

Hunter was working for Marriott right when we moved here.
He was trying his best to enjoy it, but just knew it wasn't the right path.
He ended up applying for another company here in San Diego and got the job!
It's called General Atomics and they build unmanned aircraft for the military.
To be honest, we had no idea what to expect with him applying.
We knew he could totally do it, but they've never hired anyone right out of college for this position.
We were so happy that he got it and we have been loving the schedule!
The hotel business has awful hours and is pretty taxing on a family.
This has been a million times better for us.
Hunter is still learning the ropes but likes this job way better!

Moving was a complete whirlwind and I still feel like I'm trying to get my feet on the ground here.
It has been tons of fun living near so much family and means I'm constantly busy.
I haven't had much time to sit around here which is good!
I've been planning multiple parties since I've been here and it has been really fun!
I'm missing my friends and the life we built in Utah, but I'm remembering why I love it here too.
I have days where I ache to go back, but other days are really great here.
The girls also keep me very busy and are still causing a lack of sleep and an abundance of grey hairs but what's new? Ha!
I'm also really loving shopping at Pink Blush! They have tons of cute maternity clothes and stylish women's clothes. I love wearing this baseball tee out and about because it is so comfy and cute! I was having a hard time finding this exact top online, but there are plenty of trendy maternity clothes options on their site! I'm not currently pregnant, but I am able to find something for every season of life!

My Oaks is three! She is the most stubborn child but also the cutest.
She just gets prettier by the day. Sassier too ;)
We keep talking about her "happy birthday" and she can hardly wait!
I love when she gets so excited about things.
She has been loving being surrounded by so much family.
I honestly think she has forgotten about Utah completely because of how much fun she has with family here.
She always has someone to play with and is in heaven having grandparents within 5 minutes of each other.
She seems so much older to me now and is SO smart!
Her vocabulary is incredible and she is always trying to use big words in sentences. 
I'm always impressed with her memory, ability to pick up new things, and eagerness to learn

Oh my sweet baby Cam!
I'm still as obsessed with her as ever!
I literally cannot get enough of this baby.
She's so squishy and perfect!
She is the most angelic child you will ever meet.
She get's a solid D+ for nighttime sleeping but it doesn't even bother me because I'm so obsessed with her and how adorable and sweet she is!
She takes great naps, but is still waking up quite a bit at night.
She is sitting completely by herself for long periods of time.
She rolls alllll over the place.
She's eating solid foods and figuring out how to eat on her own.
Everything about this child is adorable!

That about sums up what each of us are up to now!
I'll try harder to update more in the future!
Mostly, life just keeps passing by and we can't believe how quickly things are going.
We have a three year old and a 6 month old and it happened in a blink!
It seems like just yesterday I was Shopping at Pink Blush for their Pregnancy Clothes  and now here I am looking at their women's line!
Time is a crazy thing.
I hope all of you are well and I'm excited to share Oaklyn's party with you!!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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