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Friday, January 12, 2018
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When I had Oaklyn, I only used the expensive brands of pretty much everything baby related because I thought they must be better if they cost more.
I wish I would have known what I know now, because we would've saved ourselves a whole lot more money!
I remember the first time I swayed away from a few of those pricey brands... I was sure it wouldn't go over well.
Like I had said earlier, if it costs more it must be better... right??
One brand that I tried was Parents Choice and I was SO happy that I was able to still get some of the best quality at a fraction of the price!
It felt so refreshing to know that I would be saving money for our family while still getting exceptional products for my little baby.
By using the Parents Choice brand, I realized I had more money to use in other areas of our lives such as going out for date nights, doing activities as a family, and getting a mid day treat with my little one!
Parents Choice is a line with over 275 different products from bedding to diapers, and wipes to baby snacks. 
Parents choice is new and improved and I can assure you, it is as good - if not better - than those top brands you've been using.

A few of my favorite Parents Choice products come from their line of bedding.
I love options, and they have plenty!
The line includes receiving blankets, crib sheets, changing pads, baby blankets, and nursery sets that are all made with super soft materials and come in trendy patterns!
My sweet little Oaklyn had a problem almost right from the start with wetting through her diapers at night.
We tried all different types of diapers and nothing seemed to help the situation. 
With that being said, I needed to have several different crib sheets on hand at all times to ensure she always had a clean one when the others were being washed. 
All items in the Parents Choice line are priced at $40 or less with majority being priced at less than $13!!
That meant I could easily stock up on sheets without a worry.
I was able to find several different styles that matched or complimented her nursery.
I loved that there were so many options between nine coordinating colors so I could mix and match to create a customized look for my baby. 
Now that I'm on my second baby with plans to have more, I'll definitely be shopping the Parents Choice brand more often! 
I also love the receiving blankets for tummy time. 
They are soft and lightweight which are perfect for her to lay on, roll on, or use in the carseat. 
I chose a neutral pattern and color scheme to match any outfit.

So now you all know one of my best kept secrets ;)
Okay, so it's really not a secret at all that I'm a total bargain shopper.
I love getting the most bang for my buck!
I also love that I have the option of heading to my local Walmart to shop the Parents Choice brand, or I can stay in my jammies and have everything shipped right to my door!
How else do you save money on baby items??
I'd love to hear!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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