Double Strollin With The Austlen Entourage

Friday, November 10, 2017

So I've learned something about myself since becoming a mom...
I've learned that I'm kind of a "gear snob."
Now that's not to say I won't put my child in a cheap umbrella stroller to get around from here to there, but it is to say that I understand the importance of good baby gear and I'm willing to splurge.
When I had Oaklyn, I had no idea about strollers, car seats, diaper bags... or any other gear really.
I found a good deal on a travel system and we got it that day. 
I remember when it arrived, I made Hunter put it together immediately.
When he finished I looked at it and thought, "that's a lot bigger than I pictured it would be..."
Sure enough, the thing ended up being the biggest pain.
The wheel would literally pop off as we were on a walk, it was so heavy I literally felt like I was gonna throw out my back putting it in the trunk of the car, Oaklyn was never comfortable in the seat, and the "shade cover" hardly blocked any sun from her face... Needless to say, I totally regretted that purchase!
From that moment forward, I vowed to myself that I would fully read reviews on baby gear before making a purchase.
That being said, I have a review to write today! On a very new stroller to the market...
The Austlen Entourage!

So let's start from the beginning... my initial thoughts on the stroller.
The first time I ever saw this stroller was on an instagram story.
I looked it up online immediately and was blown away by all the different functions it has. 
I kept thinking to myself, "How can it possibly do so much?? It has to be too good to be true!"
I desperately wanted to see it in person and was so excited to receive it in the mail.
Hunter took it out of the box and put it together. 
I'll be honest in saying we kind of struggled putting it together.
Luckily though, they have really great informative videos on their website that helped tremendously.
Once it was put together I wanted to test out all the different functions.
Right off the bat, I LOVED how beautiful it looked.
It is such a pretty design and has some really great touches like the leather handlebar and the great quality of the seat and shade cover.
We took it out for a test walk and quickly discovered some pros and cons...

-We love how easy it is to extend it into a bigger stroller! You guys it's crazy... You literally press a button and it expands to being like twice as long! The reason for this is being able to carry more cargo if you're going somewhere like th beach or on a picnic. It also makes it possible for both seats to recline.
-I'm obsessed with the tote! I think the tote is an amazing touch! It has the ability to be removed and has several pockets to add anything and everything you need while pushing the stroller.
-It has the ability to add a car seat, a second seat, or a sit and stand seat. There are so many options for your kiddos and it really can grow with your family
-It can lug around up to 150 lbs of stuff. That's two very big kids with the opportunity to out suitcases or something on the stroller!
-It's very easy to fold. Like really easy! It is also really easy to stand up making it super easy to stow.

-Unfortunately we had a problem with the wheels at first. Luckily the company did take care of it pretty quickly, but it was a pain at first. The stroller was very difficult to push until we got it fixed.
-It is a large stroller. With the ability to tote around all that cargo, all those kids, and the ability to expand to being even bigger... comes the the con of it being pretty massive. It folds down pretty well but it is pretty hefty.
-It's not really my stroller of choice to keep in the trunk and put my kids in every time I have to run a quick errand. It's just a little too much work for that... But, it is a great stroller to bring somewhere like Disneyland where you want your kids to be comfortable and have the ability to bring all the stuff you need. 

The below image is from their website where you can see all the different functions it has. This stroller was definitely VERY well thought out and has just about everything a mom could think of. 

Overall I think I'd give this stroller 4 out of 5 stars. I'm so impressed with the design and all the different functions it has, but the price point is really steep and it's not really ideal for daily quick errands.
However, it is absolutely worth looking at because you probably will love all the different functions it has!

If you have anymore questions on this stroller, feel free to ask!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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