Easter Weekend Wrap Up

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Easter weekend was a blast!
I was completely wiped out by Monday morning from all the fun, but it was totally worth it.
The week leading up to Easter was one of my busiest weeks in a while, but if you know me... you know I absolutely love being busy haha.
I'm the type of person that begins thinking about holidays like... months and months in advance.
So far in advance that I may already have our Halloween costumes picked out this year, ha!
I got so excited thinking that Oaklyn would care a little more about Easter this year. 
I started to dream up her Sunday outfit and planned a little egg hunt for some local moms. 
We also hosted Easter dinner with some friends and that was so fun!
Soo... here's a little wrap up in pictures :)

Friday afternoon we had a little Easter egg hunt at a local park.
I was so excited for Oaklyn because she helped me stuff the eggs with jelly beans and she was trying so hard to wait patiently all afternoon.
When we got to the park she saw the duck pond and couldn't get her mind off feeding them...
I think you can probably guess how the egg hunt went... ha!
Right as it was go time she sprinted the other way towards the ducks looking back at me terrified that I would make her stop.
When I told her to come back she yelled, "Ducky hungry!"
Needless to say I picked up the eggs for her and she indulged in jelly beans after making sure the ducks were fed haha!

as you can see... she already had her plan set... bread in hand before the egg hunt haha

On Sunday I got up earlier than usual and Hunter was shocked, haha!
Seriously, I love my sleep!
I made some cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs and we all got ready for church.
The cutest thing ever was after I got Oaklyn all ready in her Easter dress, she looked at me and said, "show dada new dress!"
She ran out and got so excited for him to see her all dressed up.
I actually had to wipe a tear away because it was the cutest.
She has such a crush on her daddy haha.
After church I ran inside to set up Oaklyn's Easter basket.
Hunter and Oaks came in after and the second she saw it, she sprinted full speed ahead!
She loved going through her goodies with dada and eating her favorite candy ever, jelly beans!
I started on dinner right after that while Oaks and Hunt played "egg hunt" over and over.
We had two of our couple friends over and my sister in law and her boyfriend for dinner, dessert, and games!
The menu was a pretty traditional Easter dinner with ham, funeral potatoes, bacon and garlic green beans, a yummy pear and spinach salad made by kiely, rolls from audrey, and then carrot cake and carmelitas for dessert!
The weather was so perfect we ate outside and all in all, it was just an awesome day!

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