My Secret To A Cleaner Home

Friday, March 3, 2017

Let's get something straight here... my home is almost never clean haha.
Like seriously, I have other strengths in other areas but when it comes to cleaning I have zero motivation!
It was a little different when we were living in the condo because it actually felt like our place, but currently this basement just doesn't feel like ours.
And quite frankly, it isn't.
None of our pictures are on the walls, nothing really has a spot, and the constant clutter of nothing really having a spot is overwhelming to me.
When something is overwhelming to me, I'd just rather not deal with it haha. 
I decided if anything else, I want the carpet to be clean and the floors to be without crumbs.
This can be really difficult with a toddler running around constantly spilling everything and a loud vacuum that will wake up said toddler during naps and bedtime. 
This is where my little secret comes in ;)

I want to introduce to you my favorite household item like... ever.
A little while back we got a bObsweep robotic vacuum that has literally changed my life!
Haha yes I dislike vacuuming that much!
With Bobi, as Oaks calls him, we can just turn him on and not worry about the rest.
The constant messes Oaklyn makes don't stress me out near as much anymore because I know by the end of the day, Bobi has it covered. 

Our particular model is the bObsweep Pet Hair which at first I was like uh... I'm allergic to any animal with fur so we don't currently, nor will we ever have an animal.
However, this could not a more perfect model for our family!
Have you seen the hair on both me and Oaklyn's heads??
Yeah... we might as well be pets ha!
When I empty out Bobi, the majority of the contents are me and Oaklyn's long hairs.
Thank you Bobi, for making sure to pick up all that hair we didn't even know existed... yikes!

I was skeptical that Bobi wouldn't be able to figure out the set up we have down here because there's a step from the kitchen to the family room.
I was sure he would just fall right off the step but he has so many awesome features that make it so he can literally clean anywhere.
You can use the remote to control him, you can set him to clean one specific spot, you can make almost like a "do not cross" line that he won't go past, you can turn him on auto and just let him do as he pleases, etc...
He vacuums the carpet, he sweeps up crumbs off hardwood, you guys, he even mops!
Wait let me say that again... MOPS!
I seriously love this little robot so much.
He has a little charging port he goes to when he needs to get a reboot that plugs into the wall so you don't have to worry about batteries either.

I really could go on and on about why everyone needs one of these in their because it honestly has made all the difference in mine, but I'll end here ;)
Now if only someone could invent a little robot that does the dishes and scrubs the toilet... haha.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

*Disclaimer: We received a bObsweep in exchange for posting. All opinions on this post are my own. 

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