The Perfect Christmas Card + Our 2016 Family Photos

Friday, December 16, 2016
We take pictures of our little family often, but about once a year we actually get all dolled up with coordinating outfits and have a photographer take our photos rather than using a tripod ;)
Since living in Utah, our good friend Kiely has taken them and I love them all!
Kiely started her business not too long ago but it's super easy to tell she should've started a while ago!
She has such an eye for capturing perfect moments that you will want to remember years later.
Oaklyn was a complete stink this year while taking our family photos and Kiely still managed to capture pictures I love!
I remember getting in the car and thinking, "there has to be at least one I'll like... hopefully."
Turns out there were so many "favorites" I couldn't even decide which ones to put on here!
But here are a few that will definitely be framed :)
Check out more of Kiely's work (and her new little baby!!!) on her instagram and book a session with her by going to her website!

 Just had to include this one haha!

 We also love that family photos mean updated pictures of hunter and I!

When it came time to pick out a Christmas card, I knew it would have to fit a ton of our family photos since I seriously couldn't just choose one!
I've always made my own card because it's so fun for me to design... but as my days just get busier I realized it was time to let someone else do the work for me ;)
The choice of which company to choose was so easy for me!
I've always loved every card I've seen from Tiny Prints!
Their designs are always the cutest and there are so many options it's insane!

You can customize just about anything over at Tiny Prints and it made sending my Christmas cards this year an absolute breeze!
Seriously, with everything I already have going on, just thinking about addressing envelopes stressed me out.
I couldn't believe how easy the process was getting my cards from Tiny Prints.
I found my favorite card from their digital catalog within a matter of minutes.
It stood out to me the most and I knew it would be perfect with the color scheme of our photos this year.
Some of my other favorites included gold foil and glitter! 
I loved that this card had a ton of space to fit all of my photos I loved and the tri fold gave it so much dimension and personality. 

We have gotten so many compliments on this card, but all credit goes to Tiny Prints for making it a breeze on me!

We also opted to have all addresses and return addresses printed on the envelope which saved me SO much time!
Not only that, but we even got personalized stamps!
You guys, how awesome is that?
We chose these stamps and they turned out sooo cute!
Our order came so quickly and I was able to get our cards out in record time! 

Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about Tiny Prints.
We will definitely be using them in years to come and I just can't wait to design another card :)
If you still need to order you have til Sunday to get THIRTY percent off your entire order with the code HOLLYJOLLY so RUN, don't walk ;)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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  1. I love your outfits!!! So cute and that Christmas card is darling. I love the year in review section!